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June, I need you

Thursday Jun 1, 2017


bring me some sunshine!

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!

The scent of roses wafts gently through the Portland air as I walk around the neighborhood. I’m so grateful for the weather turning and for the return of our sun! And while basking in the sun here, I’m grateful for a little down time to rest and regroup (and go fishing). All good stuff!! As always I hope you’ll scroll down for newsy news, gratitude, random pics and musings, and show details. Here’s what’s coming up:

Mon, June 5 – O’Connor’s Vault – Portland, OR w/Richard Moore & Cal Scott

Sat, June 17 – Artichoke Music – Portland, OR w/Ara Lee

Sat, June 24 – Feel Good House Concerts – Boulder, CO

Sun, July 2 – Big River Music – Creede, CO w/Bob Heminger

1. GRATITUDE…Big heapings of thanks to these fine folks for making May so wonderful: PJ, Jeff and Jeff, Steve and Peter and Ann and all at Ocean View House Concerts, Billy and Dodee and all at Blue Rock, Ara Lee, Dirje Childs, Donna and all at the wonderful Wildflower festival, Cathy & Rick, Ann & Bop and the Texas Wood family!

2. THE NEWS…Well now it is official – I have played in all 50 states! The house concert in Hawaii was so dreamy. Peter and Ann’s house sits upon vast fields of lava rock that went on and on until dropping into the ocean. It was a spectacular scene filled with warm and friendly folks and we watched the sunset together and shared in an evening of music. I have checked that one off my bucket list and I’m thinking Europe might be next…stay tuned!

In creative news, my 20/20 project is going strong! In case you haven’t heard, I am releasing 20 new works this year in honor of my 20 years in music. The 20/20 project is a subcription service to receive those new works. (Think of it like a CSA for music!) I have released 7 songs so far and shared 2 poems for mother’s day. I’m starting to map out how the rest of the year will look and I am having so much fun sharing my new creations with you! If you wnat to learn more, check it out here.

I’m excited for two local shows coming up here in Portland! On Monday I will be playing the songwriters-in-the-round series with Richard Moore and Cal Scott at O’Connor’s. This is the last show before they take a hiatus from the I’m sure it will be a fun one. The bad news is it’s already sold out but the good news is that I’ve got a show coming up at beloved Artichoke Music with the great Ara Lee!! Ara and I have been collaborating lately and the result is so magical. So Portland peeps, I hope you’ll join us at Artichoke on June 17!

I’m super excited for a trip to Colorado at the end of June. Colorado in the summer is one of my favorite things in the world. I can’t wait to play at Feel Good House Concerts (well, backyard concerts, really!) hosted by wonderful musician and human Lisa Bell. I met Lisa several years ago at a conference and was blown away by her voice and her artistry and her warm spirit. If you live anywhere near Boulder, come join us on June 24! And finally after some family reunion and fly-fishing time, I will be playing in Creede with my friend, brilliant saxaphonist and human Bob Hemenger! I am SO stoked for this show!!

3. TOUR DATES…Life is so uncertain – please call ahead!

Mon, June 5 – O’Connor’s Vault – Portland, OR. In the round w/Richard Moore & Cal Scott. This show is SOLD OUT…woop! Thank you to Matt Miner, Cal Scott and Richard Moore for many great years of this wonderful series.

Sat, June 17 – Artichoke Music – Portland, OR. w/Ara Lee. 3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 503-232-8845. Artichoke Music is a 40-year-old nonprofit music community center. We develop and support musicians, attract and educate audiences, and create a connected community of acoustic music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Artichoke Music is an integral part of the creative community of musicians in Portland, Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest. BW plays the Artichoke Back Stage with the great Ara Lee! This will be your last chance to see BW at Artichoke before it moves to the new space. $15. 8 pm. 

Sat, June 24 – Feel Good House Concerts – Boulder, CO. “Feel Good” hosts singer-songwriters from across the country in Boulder. Each of the concerts features live original music by musicians who aspire to make the world a better place through their music and messages. These house and backyard concerts (in season) are a great way to meet new like-minded friends and develop a thoughtful and positive community. The great Lisa Bell opens. $20 suggested donation. 7:30 pm.  

Sun, July 2 – Big River Music – Creede, CO. w/Bob Heminger. Join us for a listening room concert at Big River Music in beautiful downtown Creede!! With the great Bob Hemenger on saxaphone! $10. 

Woohoo, we did it!! my bestie and I  ran the Avenue of the Giants Half Marathon in northern CA among the redwood trees. it was spectular and we got in the car and drove 9 hours home right after which in hindsight probably wasn’t a good idea… but somehow we can’t wait to do it again!

working on my set list for the house concert in Hawaii…sigh…

this was the Ocean View house concert pre-game shot…you can kinda see the fields of lava in the background

hawaii sunset…sigh…

our favorite bar in kailua-kona

the scene outside my window at Blue Rock…sigh…

the wildflower festival in richardson, tx sets aside its most beautiful performing arts center stage just for us singer-songwriters. i love it there.

however they have really weird pre-show rules…

one of my favorite moments backstage right after rehearsing ‘easy on me’ with RJ Cowdery and Ara Lee…

and after the wildflower festival my bro took me to see U2 in houston. it was a profound and amazing experience for many reasons… they scrolled poetry on the giant screen before the show. those four friends have been making music together for over 30 years and that in itself is amazing. and the music rose up and reminded me of what it meant to me the first time I heard it. Magic!

4. THE FUTURE…Oh this summer I am looking forward to some down time! Fishing and picnicking and playing tennis and hiking and reconnecting with all that makes me fee alive. I’m feeling the burn from all of this criss-crossing the country so I think a little time at home this summer is just what I need. I hope you have a little down-time to enjoy the beautiful summer that is ahead of us. And I hope you know how grateful I am for you!! With much gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

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Down the road a piece…

Jul 2 – Big River Music – Creede, CO

Jul 29 – Pederson Backyard Concert -Colorado Springs, CO

Aug 4 – Home By Dark – Alpharetta, GA

Aug 5 – Home By Dark – Alpharetta, GA

Aug 12 – Eurosports Beer Garden – Bend, OR

Aug 13 – Paradise House Concert -Estacada, OR

Aug 19 – Harris Bridge Winery – Philomath, OR

Sep 2 – Juniper Jam – Enterprise, OR