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Hey there, May, can you keep a secret?Monday Apr 27, 2015
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Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!May is my favorite month for many reasons. Flowers, sun, birthdays, flip flops, you name it. ūüôā There are many exciting things happening this month! Here’s where I’ll be in a nutshell, and then as always, I hope you’ll scroll down for more details, newsy news, gratitude, and my various musings.Sat, May 2 – Brazos Valley House Concerts – Graford, TX

Sun, May 3 – Patrick’s Place Music Series – Coppell, TX

Wed, May 6 – Axe & Fiddle -Cottage Grove, OR

Sat, May 9 – Rogue Valley Roots Festival – Ashland, OR

Sun, May 10 – Rogue Valley Roots Festival – Ashland, OR

Sat, May 16 – Peninsula Arts Center – Long Beach, WA

Fri, May 29 – University Club – Albany, NY

Sat, May 30 – Private House Concert – West Chester, PA

Sun, May 31 – Artsville NY House Concert – Brooklyn, NY

June 4-8 – Wood and Stone Songwriting Retreat – Crisfield, MD

1. GRATITUDE…Um, wow. So many wonderful folks helped me have an awesome April! Special thanks to my band (Tyler Fortier, Peter Perdichizzi, Milo Fultz, Merlin Showalter, Erik Berg-Johansen and Erin Flood-Fortier) for bringing it big time. Thanks to Axe & Fiddle, O’Connor’s Vault and Matt Miner, Richard Moore & Cal Scott, to the Mazenko family, Lynn & Terry & Lynn & Brenda, Chris at Southwest baggage services at Jacksonville airport, Craig & Alexa & Gayle, Jessica and everyone at the Barnacle State Park, Keith, the Oxford-Pickerals, Steve and Debbie Gibson and all the Avalonians, the Howe family, Jim and all at the MCL Grand Theater, Tom Faulkner and Michael Hearne, Bill & Micki, Jerry & Pam, and Matthew and Tweed for the inspiration.

2. THE NEWS…Friends, there are a few spots left at the Wood and Stone Retreat that is happening June at beautiful Jane’s Island State Park in Crisfield, MD. I am absolutey thrilled to have been invited to be a part of this year’s fun along with founders Jen & Scott Smith (Naked Blue) and Phil Madeira. (Phil and I wrote “To Get To Zero” together…how fun is that??! Who knows, maybe we’ll write some more!) ¬†Check out the Wood and Stone Retreat¬†here!

May is loaded up with wonderful shows! I am so thrilled to be sharing the stage again with the great Tom Faulkner at the final concert at Brazos Valley House Concerts! Ok here’s a Brag Alert, y’all: this wonderful concert series was started by my parents and their friends to bring music out to PK Lake. They have hosted wonderful shows that enriched the community and supported touring artists for the last five years. I gotta admit, I’m really proud of them for putting their beliefs and values into action, and I’m super excited to play the final show of the series! There are a few spots left– email Bob at for info and reservations. And then it’s off to Coppell to Patrick’s Place Music Series to make up for our show that got iced out a couple winters ago! This Sunday afternoon show will be in a lovely garden setting and all ages are welcome!

I’m super excited to play at Axe & Fiddle again this month.. this time solo acoustic as a co-bill with the wonderful duo Freddy and Francine. I met these guys in California and was instantly blown away by their harmonies and awesome stage presence! I secretly want to be the third member of their duo.

I was thrilled to get the call from Ben at Gaia Concerts to be a part of the very firstRogue Valley Roots Festival in Ashland, OR on Mother’s Day weekend! The line up for this festival is out-of-this-world awesome. Peter Rowan, Shook Twins, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, The Dustbowl Revival, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, Liz Longley, Honey Whiskey Trio, Anne & Pete Sibley, Misner & Smith, Anthony D’Amato and lil ol’ me! I will be opening the festival on Saturday and also hosting the community hour concert on Sunday, where we will celebrate mothers and women and life and music and community…I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be!

And I was thrilled to be invited to perform at the Peninsula Arts Center in Long Beach, WA before heading off to the northeast for a few wonderful shows at theUniversity Club in Albany, a house concert inWest Chester, PA and and Artsville NY House Concert in Brooklyn!

Here’s an awesome video that Marty took of our band playing “Uncover You” at the Axe & Fiddle! Brought me back to the good old Atlanta days when I played with my band of redheads! ūüôā

beth wood band uncover you

Well, my guitar and I had a scare there in Jacksonville! After being rerouted due to weather to St Louis, back to Chicago, through Nashville and finally to Jacksonville, my guitar apparently did not take the same journey that I did. But here’s the beautiful part. I put out the call and within minutes, I had a beautiful Martin guitar to borrow for my house concert that night, thanks to Lynn and Lynn and Brenda and their generous neighbor John. And then dear friends Scott and Michelle Dalzieldrove up to the house concert and brought me a capo and some hugs. And lo and behold, Chris from Southwest Airlines baggage office in Jacksonville tracked down my guitar and had it delivered to my hotel to be waiting for me when I got back that night. It was scary but also a beautiful lesson in reaching out for help and trusting that the universe will provide. Good stuff!!

3. MAY SHOWS. Life is so uncertain. Please call ahead!

Sat, May 2 РBrazos Valley House Concerts РGraford, TX. This is the grand finale of this long running house concert series at The Cliffs. With the great Tom Faulkner! For info, reservations and directions, please contact Bob at Suggested donation $15-$20. 7:30 pm. 

Sun, May 3 – Patrick’s Place Music Series – Coppell, TX.¬†Concert will be held at Patrick‚Äôs Place Garden, Church of the Apostles, 322 S. MacArthur Blvd. In lieu of tickets,¬†donations are accepted at the door (suggested donation $15). All proceeds go to the performer. For information: 3 pm. All ages welcome.

Wed, May 6 РAxe & Fiddle -Cottage Grove, OR. 657 East Main St. Another great night at the Axe & Fiddle! BW will play a solo set. This evening is a co-bill with the incredible duo Freddy & Francine!  $7. 8:30 pm.

Sat, May 9 & Sun, May 10 – Rogue Valley Roots Festival – Ashland, OR.At Southern Oregon University Music Hall, 405 South Mountain Ave. For info call 541-708-0715. The¬†GAIA Project presents the “Rogue Valley Rootsfest 2015,” a weekend long boutique festival celebrating American Roots Music. Eleven nationally and regionally known¬†performers will be producing some of the best Roots music this side of the Mississippi! Included in the line up are past GRAMMY winners and nominees and current GRAMMY¬†nominees. Festival line up includes: Peter Rowan, Shook Twins, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, The Dustbowl Revival, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, Liz Longley, Honey Whiskey¬†Trio, Anne & Pete Sibley, Misner & Smith, Anthony D’Amato and BW!! Because the festival falls on Mother’s Day weekend, we have something special planned for the mothers¬†and wives in the audience. BW opens the festival at noon on Saturday and hosts the community hour on Sunday morning!

Sat, May 16 РPeninsula Arts Center РLong Beach, WA. 504 Pacific Ave N. The Long Beach Acoustic Music Series presents the best and brightest in the Northwest music scene in an intimate house-concert-style setting with professional production and staging at the Peninsula Arts Center on Pacific Avenue in Long Beach. The Peninsula Arts Center is a Fair Trade Music venue. Tickets are $12 at the door. We take cash, credit cards, and checks. Wine, beer, and other refreshments are available for purchase. Concerts benefit the Long Beach Peninsula Acoustic Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization. 7 pm. 

Fri, May 29 – University Club – Albany, NY. 141 Washington Ave. The University Club of Albany was founded in 1901 by prominent citizens of the Albany area in order to¬†“establish and maintain assembly rooms, promote social activities among the members and cultivate and maintain university spirit in the City of Albany.” More than one¬†hundred years later, the history and tradition endures. The University Club continues to attract the best and brightest from all walks of life and to offer services and facilities¬†that respond to the current social and business needs of a diverse and unique membership. This concert is a fundraiser for repairs to the National-Register listed University¬†Club building! All are welcome! $25. 7 pm.¬†

Sat, May 30 – Private House Concert – West Chester, PA

Sun, May 31 РArtsville NY House Concert РBrooklyn, NY. Artsville hosts intimate live music experiences called house concerts. Tickets available now on the Artsville NY website! (You get the secret address when you buy a ticket. Seating is limited.) Tickets are $15. Doors at 7:30 pm. Music at 8:00 pm.

June 4-8 – Wood and Stone Songwriting Retreat – Crisfield, MD. Jane’s Island State Park. The Wood and Stone Songwriting Retreat was dreamed up by musicians Scott & Jen¬†Smith (of the duo Naked Blue) to continue and celebrate the learning and community that takes place in their Baltimore studio. Every June, Scott & Jen host their Songwriting¬†Retreat at Jane’s Island State Park in Crisfield, MD, as well as assorted Day Workshops in a variety of convenient locations. BW is thrilled to be a part of this year’s retreat along¬†with Scott, Jen, and the great Phil Madeira. Let the fun begin!! Info about registration is here:


Dude. Our band show at Axe & Fiddle was EPIC!! Thanks to this amazing band and all the awesome folks who rocked out with us!

We had so much fun at the Songwriters in the Round show at O’Connor’s Vault! Richard Moore and Cal Scott sure know how to crack me up. ūüôā Thanks Charles Perry for the great shots!¬†

¬†Well here we are…reunited! Whew. That was a close one! I wonder what my guitar did on his 24 hour walkabout?

This was my morning view in Miami. Thanks to brotha Keith for letting me stay on his boat!

¬†The “before” pic of our show at the MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville. It is truly grand.

It was an absolute dream to share the stage with Tom Faulkner and Michael Hearne. I had to pinch myself several times. Lots of really nice folks braved a stormy night to come out and be with us. I think we are going to call our band Song Sammich. Thanks Gary Busk for the photos! 

¬†the “after” pic!

My point of view at Concerts at Our House in Seattle. Note the cupholder on the mic stand. This is a first class place! ūüôā What an amazing night we had..thank you Bill and Micki!

And this is the view behind me at the Words and Music series in Vaughn, WA. Absolutely took my breath away! Thankfully I got it back in time to sing some songs…

Thank you Ken Johnson for sharing this artsy shot from Words and Music!

 This was happening in my neighborhood one morning recently.

Timber and Coda update: they are still very, very cute. ūüôā¬†


5. THE FUTURE…This summer I am giving myself the gift of returning to Lyons, CO for Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Song School! I can’t wait for some time there by the river to write and connect with good friends! And let’s be honest, I will have to do some fishing, too. ūüôā There is so much great stuff happening that sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to do this for my job. It is only possible because of YOU, dear Reader. Thank you for cheering me on and for supporting my musical journey! Hope to see you down the road. ¬†Your fan,

Beth Wood

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