Love Is Onto You CD

LOVE IS ONTO YOU is Beth's 15th album, an intimate offering produced by Tyler Fortier. To order a CD, click PayPal button to order, or Venmo @bethwoodmusic, last 4 digits 0595.

Believe The Bird poetry book

Beth follows up her award-winning poetry book LADDER TO THE LIGHT with BELIEVE THE BIRD, a collection of forthright, shimmering poems inspired by the John James Audubon quote, "When the bird and the book disagree, believe the bird." What if we examine the stories we tell ourselves to see if they resonate with who we are now? What if we allow our inherent wisdom to override messages that no longer serve us? When is a story good and when is it harmful? What if we get to decide what narratives work for us? BELIEVE THE BIRD is a book full of questions in the form of poems, pointing to the wisdom of the bird in hand.

Home By Dark Vol 1Live with Beth Wood

HOME BY DARK Live in Concert CD with special guest Beth Wood. Ten powerful songs from the incredible Beth Wood backed by the sublime HOME BY DARK band. Recorded live in concert. Home By Dark is a songwriters-in-the-round, in-the-name-of-love concert event like no other. Created to move you, to make you feel something...we believe a song can change your life!

Stand and Sway DEEP BLUE CD

Stand and Sway is the formidable duo of Beth Wood and Ara Lee James. In fall of 2019, the released their debut album DEEP BLUE. Steeped in soul, poetry, and harmony, Wood and James blend together in a way that tends to break things: ceilings, hearts, ideas about genres. The power of these two voices together is undeniable, and their music changes the weather. Prepare for foot-stomping, tear-inducing, mountain-sized joy.

The Long Road

Produced by Tyler Fortier. THE LONG ROAD springs from a time of deep change in BW's life, and once again, she’s crafted a collection of stories that will have listeners nodding in agreement, feeling, healing, and standing back up again right beside her. Wood’s delivery is warm and intimate; like a close friend. Eleven songs of movement, connection, grief, and hope.
"Wood manages to capture the essence of a Dolly Parton or Guy Clark with relative ease." --PopMatters

Spring Tide

Spring Tide is an intimate, collection of original songs recorded live and solo acoustic. Overlooking the ocean in Lincoln City, OR, Beth and producer Tyler Fortier captured these songs in their most elemental form, just as they were written, with just one voice and guitar. Tyler says about Spring Tide: "It takes both vulnerability and lion-heartedness to put out such a tender and exposed collection of songs into the world. The entire album is tied to a string, suspended somewhere between: frailty and hopefulness; heartache and convalescing; solitude and communion."

Sometimes Love

"Sometimes Love," Beth's ninth album, embraces the Americana sound with a touch of rock, a touch of folk, and plenty of raw emotion. Born out of her Song of the Month Club, and produced by Tyler Fortier. The Eugene Weekly says SOMETIMES LOVE is…”strong and engaging pop-country; her soulful alto occasionally recalls Dolly Parton and her songwriting brings to mind the iconoclastic folk singer Patty Griffin.”

The Weather Inside

“The Weather Inside,” Beth’s 8th studio album, was produced by Billy Crockett at Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley, TX. Released fall 2010. Featuring some of Austin’s finest musicians including Jon Inmon, Roscoe Beck, Rick Richards, Dave Madden, Drew Womack, Billy Crockett, with a special guest feature by Native American flute player and musical wonder Gentle Thunder. “The Weather Inside” is a case study in contrast, simultaneously embracing strength and tenderness, the polished and the well-worn, the broken and the hopeful heart. “The Weather Inside” delves deep into Beth’s creative reserves and delivers a strong collection of songs and performances to remember.

Beachcomber's Daughter

For Beachcomber’s Daughter, Beth gathered Dallas’s finest studio musicians to form a core band that was just deadly! The great Milo Deering played just about everything with strings and contributed heavily to the arrangements and the overall fun of the project. BD is a lyric-driven, eclectic mix of styles, from downright rockin’ (Travelin’ John) to jazz standards (At Last) to folky (This Sanctuary) to piano ballad (Suitcases). In early 2008, Beth & Milo celebrated the release of BD onboard Cayamo, a songwriters cruise, alongside many of her musical heroes such as Lyle Lovett, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt, and more, how cool is that? Produced by Beth Wood and Patrick Mcguire.


Marigolds is slightly twangy (showing Beth’s Texas roots), slightly folky (showcasing Beth’s gentle touch and her storytelling) and slightly rockin’ (celebrating the beat for goodness sake). Marigolds celebrates the spirit of collaboration as Beth is joined by many of her talented friends including River Guerguerian, Eliot Wadopian, Heather Morgan, Josh Lamkin, Greg Horne, Shawn Mullins, Brandon Bush, John Felty, and more! Produced by Beth and the great Chris Rosser.

You Take the Wheel

You Take the Wheel is a solo acoustic project in which Beth asked fans to vote on the songs they would most like to hear in an acoustic setting. This release highlights Beth’s solid work as a strong, dynamic solo artist. People were always asking — why doesn’t BW have a CD that sounds like her live show?? So for all you folks who love the folky, solo acoustic sound, this one is for you! Produced by the great Chris Rosser. Recorded live in studio and at The Grey Eagle.


Ghostwriter signaled a return to more stripped-down, elemental production while showcasing Beth’s growth as a songwriter. Recorded in Asheville, NC in the tiny basement studio of Chris Rosser, a wonderful singer-songwriter in his own right who was too tall to stand up in his own basement.

Late Night Radio

LNR features full-band production and was produced by Don McCollister (Indigo Girls, Sister Hazel) in Atlanta. This is an eclectic mix of rock, blues, folk, and soulful singing. It is a continuation of “New Blood”’s full-spectrum swing from acoustic to full-out rockin’. Beth is proud of this effort, and she considers it her musical declaration of independence. This is Marty’s favorite, he likes it when she rocks out.

New Blood

NB is BW’s darker, full band effort. Recorded in Atlanta with Kristian Bush (Sugarland) and Don McCollister producing. If you’re in the mood for something a little rockin’, a little jazzy, this one is for you. Beth has especially fond memories of the collaborative creative effort on this one, and she thinks it’s weird that she mentions birds in 5 of the 11 songs. Featuring Atlanta’s finest musicians and Angie Aparo on vocals.


BW’s debut CD. Self-produced in Austin, where Beth got more than a little help from her friends on drums and bass (Chris Smith), guitar (John Felty), and backing vocals (Bekki Frazier-Smith). Folks who are looking for a mellow, pretty CD would like Woodwork. Also note that when scrambled it spells woodwork.

Ladder To The Light poetry book

In LADDER TO THE LIGHT, the follow-up to her debut poetry collection KAZOO SYMPHONIES, BW explores deeper and more complex emotional territory. Inspired by an image from a Jane Hirshfield poem ‘Mule Heart’ in which grief and joy are carried in “two waiting baskets,” Wood seeks to find balance again and regain footing after heartbreaking loss. LTTL chronicles her journey from grief to gratitude to believing in love again—poetry as a ladder toward the light. LTTL was chosen as a finalist for the 2019 Oregon Book Awards Stafford/Hall prize for poetry and is the winner of the 2019 Oregon Book Awards Readers’ Choice Award.

Kazoo Symphonies poetry book

KAZOO SYMPHONIES is BW’s first book of poetry, a long-held dream finally realized. KAZOO SYMPHONIES, with chapters on nature, life, love, and growing up, is, simply put, great storytelling.
“I have long loved Beth Wood the lyricist and award-winning folk musician. She is a solid songwriter with a powerful voice. Now she brings her voice and the magic of her lyricism to poetry. No matter what form or genre she employs, Beth’s gift of storytelling shines through. Kazoo Symphonies is simply this: great storytelling. And it’s worth every page.” –Nathan Brown, Poet Laureate of Oklahoma 2013/14

Facepalm: Stories From The Merch Table

FACEPALM is Beth’s third book and a slight departure from poetry. In this whimsical collection of stories, BW recounts some of the most awkward conversations she has experienced on the road. BW says, “These are some of the facepalm moments that made me laugh, or stand there in puzzled silence, and immediately go call my mom and say, ‘Omygawd, you won’t believe what just happened!’ These are all people who, bless their hearts, didn’t buy anything. And these are just the ones I remember!”