Dec 04 2020 - Dec 05 2020

Paddling in the Dark: A Virtual Winter Solstice Retreat

We are living in dark times, and yet the darkness is revealing truths that we have known for a long time, but have not faced directly. The winter solstice offers us a moment to look back at where we have been, and then to turn around to begin our journey through the darkness of winter looking for the insights and sources of “light” we need for this time in our lives.

“Paddling in the Dark” is the title of an essay written by kayaking and mindfulness meditation guide, Kurt Hoelting. Kurt described a time when he led a group of kayakers on a late night paddle around the island where they were camping. In the darkness their eyes could see the Milky Way above them and the bioluminescence below them each time they moved their paddles through the water. Through the water, pushing back, letting go, light above, light below, moving forward, with just enough trust, courage, and good company to get back to the campsite.

“The winter solstice, with its literal leaning toward the dark, is a great time to remember how rich this darkness can be, and how important it is to our journey of awakening. May we bring the fruitfulness of this darkness with us as the earth begins its turn back toward the season of returning light.”

In this online retreat guided by Kirstin Anglea, Alan Claassen and BW, we will explore the metaphor, Paddling in the Dark, using the Circle of Trust® approach. Our time together will be guided by poetry, photography, silence, music, personal reflection, and invitational sharing in small groups and in the larger circle.

This retreat offers an opportunity to:
–Create a trustworthy space for deep listening and connection with others
–Renew one’s heart, mind and spirit through the exploration of our inner landscape
–Explore how we are light for ourselves and others during times of darkness

The Circle of Trust® approach, as developed by Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal, is based on two basic affirmations:

–We all have an inner teacher whose guidance is reliable, and comes from a heart strong enough to carry all human emotions.
–We all need other people to invite, amplify, and help us discern the inner teacher’s voice because the journey toward inner truth is too taxing to be made solo, the path is too deeply hidden to be traveled without company, and the destination is too daunting to be achieved alone.

We hope you’ll join us!

Retreat Details & Registration Information:
We will be limiting the registration for each retreat to 21 participants so we can see everyone on the screen.

Two Separate Retreat Offerings: (All times are in Pacific Time Zone)

Option 1: Friday, December 4: 6-8pm
Saturday, December 5: 9:00-12noon; 2-4pm; 6-8pm

Option 2: Friday, December 11: 6-8pm
Saturday, December 12: 9:00-12noon; 2-4pm; 6-8pm

Cost: $100

Registration information: Please click on this link to register.