Jul 19 2021


6:30 pm

Feedback Song Salon

Feedback Song Salons are small virtual gatherings where songwriters can share new work and receive thoughtful feedback from fellow songwriters and from me. We will cap the number at 6 so that each songwriter will have ample time to play and receive feedback. Learning in community is so powerful, and I’m grateful for this opportunity to explore this with you. All levels of songwriting and performance experience are welcome. This will be a space of non-judgment for songwriters to support their fellow songwriters. If you’d like feedback on a song you’re working on, or on a performance of a song, this is for you!

I am proposing Monday evening, July 19 as a starting point. If there is enough interest, we will continue in August. Cost will be sliding scale of $10-$25…pay what you are comfortable with – no judgment! Please email me at if you are interested.