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Date Venue City Time Event
07/20/19Stand and Sway @ Hayloft Barn ConcertsSalem, OR7:00pmDetails
07/25/19House ConcertFergus Falls, MNTBDDetails
07/26/19House ConcertOrtonville, MNTBDDetails
07/27/19Farm Table ConcertsAmery , WI6:00pmDetails
08/02/19Point Richmond Acoustic Music SeriesPoint Richmond, CA7:00pmDetails
08/03/19Private PartyWalnut Creek, CA8:00pm
08/10/19Eurosports Sisters, OR5:00pmDetails
08/13/19Harris Bridge Songwriting CampPhilomath, ORTBDDetails
08/14/19Harris Bridge Songwriting CampPhilomath, ORTBDDetails
08/15/19Harris Bridge Songwriting CampPhilomath, ORTBDDetails
08/16/19Harris Bridge Songwriting CampPhilomath, ORTBDDetails
08/16/19Stand and Sway @ Harris Bridge Folk FestivalPhilomath, ORTBDDetails
08/24/19Home By Dark at Brooke Street ParkAlpharetta, GA7:30pmDetails
09/03/19Americana Song AcademySisters, ORTBDDetails
09/04/19Americana Song AcademySisters, ORTBD
09/05/19Americana Song AcademySisters, ORTBD
09/07/19Stand and Sway @ Sisters Folk FestivalSisters, ORTBDDetails
09/08/19Sisters Folk FestivalSisters, OR10:00amDetails
09/08/19Stand and Sway @ Sisters Folk FestivalSisters, ORTBDDetails
10/04/19Wildwood SoundsDel Norte, CO7:00pmDetails
10/05/19Swallow Hill MusicDenver, CO7:00pmDetails
10/06/19Avogadro's NumberFort Collins, CO3:00pmDetails