Welcome, 2017! Here’s the news…

Welcome, 2017…

Tuesday Jan 3, 2017


I’m so glad you’re here!

Greetings, friends and fello music lovers – and Happy New Year! I hope you had some time at the holidays to rest and renew, and to feed your body, mind and spirit. You deserve it. I have been hibernating and it looks like it’s time to come out of hibernation just in time to go to..the frigid midwest! 🙂 But seriously, I am excited to get back on the horse and start touring again. Here’s what’s happening…I hope you’ll scroll down for musings, news, and show details!

Fri, Jan 6 – Chosen Bean Concert Series – Chatfield, MN

Sat, Jan 7 – Acoustic Renaissanse at UU of Hindsdale – Hinsdale, IL

Mon, Jan 8 – Rosemary & Meredity Willson Harmony for Mayo Program – Rochester, MN

Fri, Jan 13-18 – Artist in Residence – Long Beach, WA

Fri, Jan 20 – Rudy’s Piano Bar – Lincoln City, OR

Sun, Jan 22 – House Concert – Sherwood, OR

Fri, Jan 27 – Brewminatti – Yakima, WA

Sat, Jan 28 – House Concert – Portland, OR

 1. GRATITUDE.. 2016…oh what a year! And what a way to cap it off by doing our 5th annual Eugene Caldera Songwriters holiday concert and benefit for Egan Warming Center at Tsunami Books in Eugene!! We had a very warm and cozy packed house full of generous folks! I am so grateful to Scott and Tsunami Books, to all the songwriters and musicians who performed, to KLCC and KRVM, Mike Meyer, and to our amazing audience who keeps showing up and cheering us on!

2. THE NEWS…Well we’ve had two snowstorms already here in Portland (usually a rare occurance)! I’m excited to hit the road to MN and IL in a few days to jump back in to life on the road. I’ll be playing many new places coming up, and for that I am so grateful! 

I’m also really excited to be taking part in an artist-in-residence program in Long Beach, WA this month. Arranged through the wonderful Peninsula Arts Center, this opportunity will offer the space and time and quiet to focus on creative endeavors. I applied with the idea in mind to focus on my bird song CD idea, and also on my next collection of poetry. I can’t wait to get there to that beautiful place and spend some dedicated time! I am so grateful to Bill & Sue Svendsen and the Peninsula Arts Center for making this possible.

So in February of 1997, I made the leap to become a full-time touring singer-songwriter. Now I can’t believe this is my 20th year doing what I love to do. I feel SO forunate, and I’ve decided that it warrants a year of celebration! 🙂 So look for a special announcement soon…I will be releasing 20 new works in 2017…I plan to call it “20 for 20” and it will be similar to my 2013 song-of-the-month club. I will release songs and poems and videos…20 new creative works! More on this coming soon.

In the spirit of celebration I am so excited about the Cayamo cruise coming up in February that I can hardly stand it!! I am very pleased to announce that my extraordinarily talented and soulful friend Ara Lee will be joining me for my sets on the cruise. Ara’s voice is truly one of my favorite things in this world and I am so honored to get to share the stage with her again! We did several sets together last year at the Sisters Folk Festival and we are both hooked on the harmonies and the magic of making music together. (Also we will be doing a Portland show together on April 29 at Artichoke Music..woop!) You can listen to Ara here, I know you will love her! 

I recently discovered that I have played in every state except for Hawaii. SO this year I will go about fixing that!! With the help of some friends, I was able to find a house concert on the big island that wants to host me in May! We are working out details and I am SOOOO excited to add my final state to the list (and enjoy some time in beautiful Hawaii, too!)

And finally, I am really excited to be marching with my mom in the Portland Women’s March on Jan 21! Any and all are welcome to join so come join us if you like! We will be peacefully marching for human rights, for equal rights, and to have our voices heard. Here is the website if you’d like to learn more. 

3. JANUARY SHOWS…life is so uncertain. Please call ahead!

Fri, Jan 6 – Chosen Bean Concert Series – Chatfield, MN. 405 Main Street SouthIn the tradition of the Chosen Bean Coffeehouse once located on Main Street in Chatfield, MN, a concert series has taken root and continues to grow! Chosen Bean Concerts take place at the Chatfield Center for the Arts. Chosen Bean Tickets are available online on the Chosen Bean website. Contact Tom at chosenbeanconcerts@gmail.com with questions. $20. 7:30 pm. 

Sat, Jan 7 – Acoustic Renaissanse at UU of Hindsdale – Hinsdale, IL. 11 West Maple Street. Co-bill with the insanely wonderful Johnsmith! For concert information, please email randy@acousticren.com or call 630/941-7797 for ticket information and season listings. $18/$16 for seniors, students. All ages welcome. 8 pm. Doors open at 7:15. 

Mon, Jan 8 – Rosemary & Meredity Willson Harmony for Mayo Program – Rochester, MN. Lips Atrium, Charlton Building-Subway Level. Developed because of Mayo Clinic’s commitment to the overall health of each patient, this concert series provides weekly opportunities for patients, visitors, staff and the Rochester Community to experience musical performances by talented artists. The concerts are free and open to the public. In the Lips Atrium, Charlton Building 10 3rd Ave. NW. Noon.

Fri, Jan 20 – Rudy’s Piano Bar – Lincoln City, OR. For reservations and info, please email marilynsalci@gmail.com. $20 suggested donation. 7:30 pm. 

Sun, Jan 22 – House Concert – Sherwood, OR

Fri, Jan 27 – Brewminatti – Yakima, WA.  The Roots Cellar presents: Seth Walker and BW in concert at Brewminatti, 713 6th St. 509-786-2269. Roots Cellar exists to provide high-quality musical entertainment to the residents of the Lower Yakima Valley.  By partnering with local businesses as event hosts and sponsors, we will bring a steady stream of top-notch entertainers to Prosser, WA. All Ages. Beer, wine, and light menu available. Doors open at 6 – Music starts at 7. $15. 

Sat, Jan 28 – House Concert – Portland, OR 

This was our very generous packed house at Tsunami Books in Eugene for the Caldera Songwriters holiday concert and benefit for Egan Warming Centers! Together we raised nearly $1900 and a truckload of warm things!!

 I mean come on. Does it get any cuter than this??

 Fun stuff happening this week!! Gotta pack those fuzzy socks…

4. THE FUTURE.  This will be a year of celebration and gratitude! Already the spring is so jam-packed full of awesome that I can hardly believe it. THANK YOU for being a part of my life as an artist and my creative journey. I could not do this without you! As always I love hearing from ya, so lemme know if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can celebrate in 2017! With much gratitude and many good wishes from your fan,

Beth Wood

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Down the road a piece…

Feb 4 – Seattle Folklore Society – Seattle, WA w/Larry Murante

Feb 11 – Songwriting Workshop – Portland, OR w/Matt MeighanFeb 12 – House Concert Fundraiser for Artichoke Music – Portland, OR w/Anne Weiss & Avery Hill

Fri, Feb 17 – Wolf Howl Concerts – St Petersburg, FL

Feb 18-26 – CAYAMO: A Journey Through Song Cruise – leaves from Tampa, FL

Feb 26 – Among Friends House Concerts – Lakeland, FL

Mar 23 – Home By Dark – Roswell, GA

Mar 24 – Home By Dark – Roswell, GA

Mar 25 – Home By Dark – Roswell, GA

Mar 31 – Creekhouse Concerts – St Paul, MN w/David Stoddard

Apr 1 – Anchor Coffeehouse – Des Moines, IA