It’s time for November News!

Hey November,

Friday, November 1, 2019


I’ m so grateful for you.

(thank you Bill Patterson for the pics from Swallow Hill!)

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!

What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been. And now somehow we are tucked into autumn…thank goodness for fuzzy socks and warm soup!

Here is what is happening in Nov… as always I hope to see you there. And I hope you’ll scroll down for gratitude, the news, tour pics, unsolicited dog pics, and random musings.

1. NOVEMBER HAPPENINGS…Life is so uncertain, please call ahead!

Sat, Nov 2 – Phenomenal Woman @ Columbia Center for the Arts – Hood River, OR. 215 Cascade Avenue. 541.387.8877. This is all about female songwriters and the women in music that inspire them. This show features Bre Gregg, LaRhonda Steele, Ara Lee James and lil ol me. This will be an intimate concert in which the audience is invited on a journey to peel back the layers of performance and learn how we were inspired by these amazing artists. This show is filled with feminine brilliance! With expert support from Leah Hinchcliff (the femme fatale of funk), Dan Gildea (one of the finest guitar players in the pacific NW) and Ward Griffiths (goddess of the back beat) on drums, this show is not to be missed. 7 pm. 

Fri, Nov 8 – Waynes’s World Coffeehouse – Lake Oswego, OR. At Lake Oswego United Methodist Church – 1855 South Shore Blvd. BW will be the guest of singer-songwriter Wayne Richards as he hosts another round-robin-style concert in the Fellowship Hall at LOUMC! Donations are gratefully accepted and there will be refreshments available for a small fee! All ages welcome. 7-9 pm. 

Sun, Nov 10 – Phenomenal Woman @ The Alberta Rose Theatre – Portland, OR. 3000 NE Alberta. 503-719-6055. We are thrilled bring the Phenomenal Woman show to the Alberta Rose Theatre! Same details as above, but in Portland’s most beautiful listening room. $20 Advance/$25 At the Door. Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian. 7:30 pm. 

Sat, Nov 15 – Private House Concert – Bozeman, MT. 

Wed, Nov 20 – Nature of Gratitude @ Artichoke Music – Portland, OR. 2007 SE Powell Blvd. 503-232-8845. The Nature of Gratitude is an annual community gathering exploring diverse aspects of gratitude through live music, spoken word, photography and more. This years theme of exploration is Returning. Each gathering is an opportunity to raise awareness and proceeds for a different local grassroots cause. This event will benefit Transition Projects, an organization with five decades of experience providing shelter, housing and supportive services for very low-income people. The Nature of Gratitude will include live music from Grammy-nominated Native American flute master Gentle Thunder, accomplished songwriter and Oregon Book Award-winning poet Beth Wood, and songwriter Alexa MacDonald. Performance poet Jorah LaFleur will contribute spoken word pieces. Other contributors include Tom Titus, author of Palindrome: Grateful Reflections from the Home Ground; Christi Krug, creator of Wildfire Writing workshops and the book Burn Wild; and Eric Alan, photographer and author of Wild Grace: Nature as a Spiritual Path, and the forthcoming Grateful by Nature. $15. 7 pm. 

 Fri. Nov. 22nd – House Concert – Vancouver, WABW will be joining GRAMMY® award nominated multi-instrumentalist Gentle Thunder as her special guest for an intimate evening of music. Gentle Thunder will be offering up original music on grand hammer dulcimer and a vast array of Native American flutes. Gentle Thunder recorded flute on Coyote Prayer on Beth’s The Weather Inside album. It is always magical when we get to play live together. A portion of the proceeds benefit Babies in NeedCome on out and join us! 7 pm.  Tickets $20. Advance tickets purchase required to receive the location of the event. Call 530-925-4495 or email: 

3. THE NEWS…Well the big news is that Bailey and I have moved to central Oregon! We are so excited to meet our new friends and neighbors and deepen the connections we already have here and to explore this big beautiful part of the world. We are ever grateful for our time in Portland, but it was time for new adventures. If you know any places, hikes, venues, restaurants, dog lovers, breweries, running routes, or amazing people I should check out in this area, holler at me at, I’m wide open! 

Other big news, our Stand and Sway album DEEP BLUE is now officially out in the world! This means that you can listen on Spotify, iTunesApple MusicAmazon, and wherever else you get your music. If you use Spotify, please help us out by following us… that helps us become more visible for being featured on playlists!

I am so excited to be in two shows tribute called Phenomenal Woman coming up in Hood River and Portland! The title of Phenomenal Woman is inspired by a Maya Angelou poem of the same name, so needless to say, she had me at hello!  Dreamed up by amazing singer-songwriter Bre Gregg (Red Bird Band), these shows will feature Bre Gregg, Ara Lee JamesLaRhonda Steele and lil ol me playing songs by women who have inspired us, as well as some of our original songs. We will be backed up by Leah Hinchcliff (the femme fatale of funk), Dan Gildea (one of the finest guitar players in the pacific NW) and Ward Griffiths (goddess of the back beat) on drums. At rehearsal the other day I had chills almost the entire time, I laughed my face off, I cried I was so moved by these artists and this music. These special collaboration shows are not to be missed!

Also his month I am thrilled to be a part of three Nature of Gratitude events in my home state. Dreamed up by community-minded creatives Eric Alan and Tom Titus, The Nature of Gratitude is an annual community gathering exploring diverse aspects of gratitude through live music, spoken word, photography and more. This years theme of exploration is Returning. Each gathering is an opportunity to raise awareness and proceeds for a different local grassroots cause. Last year I had the opportunity to participate in one of these events and it was truly movinga and heart-opening. I will be joining NOG events in Portland, Corvallis and Cottage Grove this year. See my website for details!

 Geez, Colorado, go ahead and take my breath away! Mom and Dad and Uncle Tom, Uncle Dave and Aunt Nancy and Mendhi came up for a few fun days of visiting and birding and gawking at autumn leaves and  fly-fishing. We found a new secret fishing spot near Gunnison and it was so great I’m still dreaming about it. You’d have to buy me a couple beers to get it out of me. 🙂

 What fun it was to celebrate Chuck Pyle with all these amazing artists at Swallow Hill in Denver! 

 and then again the next day in Fort Collins we celebrated Chuck with an in-the-round show featuring Jack Williams, Don Richmond, John Chandler and lil ol me… it was such a fun and beautiful afternoon… one I will never forget! 

 S&S Rawk at The Kraken!

 what fun it was to see these guys (Jonathan Byrd and the Pickup Cowboys) spinning their magic at their Shake Sugaree residency at The Kraken! it was indeed paradise in a road house. 

 and look what greeted us when we got to our hosts’s house?!? Sandra and Kathy sure know how to make a couple traveling ladies feel welcome! 

 our welcome sign at The Rooster’s Wife… loved the 6:46 downbeat, ha! I asked Janet why that time and she said cuz people will remember it, and I think she’s right.

Six String Presents at Cary Theater was dreeeeeamy!

 and this never gets old!

 Queen Shelby leaning in for her snuggles.

 We were so lucky to have these amazing ladies from The Aurora Chorus joining us at our Alberta Rose Theatre album release celebration!

 Such a great way to kick off our set.

 the grand finale!

 thank you Norm Eder for all these wonderful pics

 and this is how I felt pretty much the whole night. Somebody please pinch me! 

 cool poster for the Phenomenal Woman show at Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland 11.10!

I saw this place in Colorado and of course I had to try it!

 Speaking of brown dogs, Bailey Pants had her 11th birthday in October… she is living her best life!

 and also helping me rehearse some piano for the Phenomenal Woman shows. 🙂

4. THE FUTURE…Before we know it, we will be wintering! I always love that introspective time of year. It will be interesting to see what it is like to live in a snowy place in winter?! and whether or not I can keep my popcicle toes warm.  I’m excited to see what will be revealed in the new year as I continue to deepen my creativity practice and redefine my work life. And I will still be writing songs and playing some really fun shows! 

Thank you for showing up, for reading all the way to the end, and for supporting me on my path. I am ever grateful! Hope to see you out there soon. 

With much gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

PO Box 5304

Bend, OR 97708

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Nov 2 – Columbia Center for the Arts – Hood River, OR

Nov 8 – Wayne’s World Coffeehouse – Lake Oswego, OR

Nov 10 – Alberta Rose Theater – Portland, OR

Nov 20 – Nature of Gratitude Event – Portland, OR

Dec 6 – Nature of Gratitude Event – Cottage Grove, OR

Dec 7 – The Open Door at Ascension – Portland, OR

Dec 12 – Nature of Gratitude Event – Corvallis, OR

Dec 13 – Caldera Songwriters Holiday Benefit for Egan Warming Centers – Eugene, OR

Jan 17 – House Concert w/David Stoddard – Minneapolis, MN

Jan 18 –  House Concert w/David Stoddard – Minneapolis, MN

Feb 1 – Winterfolk – Portland, OR

Feb 21 – Stand and Sway @ Walters Cultural Arts Center – Hillsboro, OR