The awesomeness of May…

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers! This morning I am thinking of all of the abundance all around me…gorgeous flowers in bloom, songs that just keep coming, wonderful folks who support my music, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Welcome to May!

May is a special month around here.  Marty and I share the same birthday on the 22nd (woohoo!), and our sweet Marble turns 14 on May 21, so there is lots to celebrate! Speaking of celebrating, I am so blown away by the initial support y’all have shown for my Song-of-the-Month Club!! We just launched and already we have over 30 members and many song sponsors! Thank you SO much to you brave pioneers who are willing to take this leap with me…more about this below.  Here’s what’s happening in May:

1. Call to Action

2. Gratitude and The News

3. May Shows

4. The Future

1. Call to Action…As I mentioned above, I have just launched my Song-of-the-Month Club, a new way to stay current with my music! It has been three and a half years since my last CD came out. I have songs coming out my ears, so I got to thinking…why wait to produce a new CD? I was inspired by the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) concept where you pay a certain amount to a small farm, and they deliver a box of their freshest produce every month.  Think of this as Community Supported Music.  :) Tyler Fortier and I have been working in his studio on some new songs and I’m so excited for you to hear them! So that’s how the Song-Of-The-Month Club came about. Here’s how YOU can directly support the creation of my music AND get a new BW song every month:

You make a one-time payment on my website, by check, or in person. I suggest a minimum of $10 but the sky’s the limit.  I send you a fresh song along with liner notes and lyrics every month for 10 months.  At the end of that time, we’ll have a new CD! Club members can purchase physical copies for $5.

If you’d like to do more, please consider becoming a Song Sponsor! Song Sponsors are a very special group of folks who give $100 or more.  This support will go directly to studio production costs and paying musicians for their brilliant playing. Song sponsors get special recognition in my liner notes!

Thanks to Della Perry for the cute bird logo!

Click HERE to learn more and become a member! One last thought…it’s FREE to spread the word, so that’s another a great way to support…tell your friends!

2. Gratitude and The News

Ok, I know I say this every time, but April was a whirlwind! Maybe that’s why my hair is so crazy. I am SO grateful to these folks for making it a blast…Matt Miner, Cal Scott & Richard Moore, Lee & Cindy H, Jim Clay & The Black Swamp Bistro, John Gorka, Tom & Richelle & The Kent Stage, Mary & Jim B, Cheryl & Scott & Lakehouse Music peeps, Ellis Paul and all at The Ark, The Issitt Family, Tamara G & all the gracious folks at the compound, Bailey & the Potts family & all at Sundilla, Wildman Steve, Ralph & Lisa & all at the Hoedown, Dell & Ferlando G & friends, Paige & Greg & all at Tennessee shines, and Mare & Nomad for a lovely place to stay in Nashville!

The News. Well, June is quiet month on the touring front.  I am hoping to catch my breath a little, focus on new music for the Song-of-the-Month Club, and there’s this one other thing.  I’ve been invited to audition for “The Voice” and a little voice in my head said, “why the hell not!?!”  Some of you may think this seems a bit out of character for me but here’s the deal. I love to sing. It is my greatest passion, it is when I feel the most alive and connected. I love my life as a musician. I want to continue building a career in music, and I am willing to fight for it. I will do whatever I have to do to make it  happen as long as I don’t have to sell my soul! So I’ll let you know how it goes. Worst case scenario – I’ll have a fun weekend and an interesting story to tell all my friends.  :)

Good news – since I’m around Eugene in June, we could do a house concert if you live in OR or WA.  I’m just sayin’. :)  Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT]

3. May Shows

Life is so uncertain..please call ahead!

Sat, May 18 – Olympia Acoustic Music Series – Olympia, WA. Olympia Acoustic Music Series celebrates the art of song in an intimate setting. Because we have limited seating, all concerts require advance reservations. To reserve seats for an Olympia Acoustic Music performance, send an email directly to olymusic [AT] Please indicate how many people will be attending and include a contact phone in case of a change. You will receive a confirmation email including location and payment information. During the week before the show, you will get additional concert details. $20. 7:30 pm.

Sun, May 19 – Private House Concert – Allyn, WA.

Sun, May 26 – Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts – Port Angeles, WA. JFFA is a delightful Memorial Day weekeend festival dedicated to providing outstanding and diverse performances, creating educational opportunities for students, and offering economic and quality of life benefits to the North Olympic Peninsula community. YAY! BW will be playing two sets on Sunday. 2:15 PM at Elks Stage & 4:15 PM at Chamber stage. $50 early bird tix for all four days!


look at this lovely welcome I received in New Orleans…such a sweet night!

and this was waiting for me in my hotel room in Van Wert, OH…so cute!

i had SUCH a blast at the Tennesses Shines radio show in WDVX in Knoxville! Got to play with my good buddy Greg Horne again!!

this is the great Donald Brown, jazz pianist that had us all completely mesmorized…

omygosh, we had such a blast at O’Connors with our song circle… Cal Scott & Richard Moore are so ridiculously good!!

Van Wert, OH makes me smile.

4. The Future…I am looking forward to an awesome summer with some home time, shows in GA, OR & CA, a songwriting retreat with Chris Kokesh and Matt Meighan, a half marathon, and a few national anthems at the Eugene Emeralds games!  Look for new music on the first of every month if you join the Song-of-the-Month Club. Check out my tour page for up to date touring info…and as always, I love hearing from you.  Thank you for continuing to support me and cheer me on in my musical journey!  Your fan,

Beth Wood

World Headquarters: BethWoodMusic, PO Box 864, Eugene, OR, 97440

Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT]

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Shows down the line…
7/5 – Home By Dark @ The Chattahoochie Nature Center – Roswell, GA
7/6 – Home By Dark @ Chukkar Farm – Alpharetta, GA
7/7 – Private Party – Atlanta, GA
7/18-20 – Zigzag Songwriting Retreat – Zigzag, OR
7/26 – House Concert – Redding, GA
7/27 – Festa-tivities Home Concerts – Scotts Valley, CA
7/28 – Two Worlds Connect House Concerts – San Diego, CA
8/6 – Secret Garden Concerts – Portland, OR
can you believe this is happening in our yard right NOW?!  Boom!
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