Speak To Me, Vol. 4

For Vol. 4,. I chose one of my all time favorite songs, “The Laundromat Song (Imagine That)” by my friend Chris Rosser.   As I search all around for great songs that inspire me, it’s important to remember that some of the finest songwriters I know are my friends and peers. I have been fortunate enough to work with Chris on three of my albums, and I like to refer to him as my Obi Wan Kenobe. :) This song is simple, poignant, and it sweeps you away on a journey, turning an ordinary day into a dreamy scene…love it!

I love how Chris invites you into the scene by describing it and then stating, “imagine that”.  It’s like he is daring you to enter this world.  Funny thing is you close your eyes and find yourself right there in the laundromat beside the girl, maybe even dancing with her.   What is she dreaming of?  Only your imagination can tell you…

The chordal landscape suddenly changes on the chorus.  Suddenly we find ourselves in the minor 6 walking down, and it creates a mysterious mood that draws us in while illustrating the very dance it is describing.