October rocks, and this is why!

Well the road called…

Monday Sep 30, 2013

icon it wants me back. It’s very persuasive!
Greetings friends and fellow music lovers!

Ahhhhh yes, the road is calling again!  I hate to miss this beautiful time in Eugene, but I’m hoping the road will have some gorgeous autumn leaves in store for me.  🙂  Sweatshirts, soup, football, crisp mornings…I’m in!

Here’s what’s happening…



3. OCTOBER TOUR DATES (more details below but here’s the gist):

10/4 – Ft Atkinson, WI

10/5 – La Crosse, WI

10/6 – Fergus Falls, MN

10/9 – Racine, WI

10/10 – Chicago, IL

10/11 – Livonia, MI

10/12 – St Paris, OH

10/13 – Ann Arbor, MI

10/14 – Dataw Island, SC

10/16 – Skidaway Island, GA

10/17 – Jacksonville, FL

10/18 – Brevard, NC

10/19 – Nashville, TN

10/20 – lay down and sleep for two days.  🙂

10/27 – Portland, OR (songwriting workshop)


1.  CALL TO ACTION…Can you help spread the word about shows? If you have music-loving friends in these towns I’m visiting…let them know!  I sure would appreciate it.  It’s the only thing better than seeing your face in person! 🙂 Secondly, my buddy Tom Faulkner and I are playing a show at the Dosey Doe in Conroe, TX on Nov 20. We sure would love to play together again that next night, Nov 21.  Anybody got any ideas?

2.  GRATITUDE & THE NEWS… Um, wow.  September was simply magical, inspiring and humbling.  Special thanks to Brad Tisdel, Dennis McGregor, Sean McGowan, Victor Johnson, Chris Kokesh, Brent Alan, Shireen Amini, Jason Jackson, Nathan Brown, all the generous and wise instructors at song & arts academy, all the inspiring and beautiful song campers, sisters folk festival, Woods, Nathans and Rostads, T & Chris & G, Erin & Chris & friends, Andy S, Tyler, and Peter P.

And a resounding THANK YOU to my Song Clubbers!!  We are halfway through this journey and I am blown away by your support and enthusiasm!  If you want to hear my new music before the rest of the world; if you want to support the arts; if you want to help make musical dreams come true; if you want a little tuneful gift in your inbox every month, YOU can still join the song club!  New members and Song Sponsors are still very much appreciated! Check it out here.

Some News about The Voice: Some folks have been asking and I realized that I shared my news on Facebook but forgot to share in my newsletter…so sorry!  Unfortunately the news is that I was not selected to be on the show.  🙁  I am still very grateful for the opportunity and experience!  I did my best and I’m so glad I took that little detour out of my comfort zone.  I will admit there is a little part of me that is relieved…maybe I’m supposed to sing my own songs anyway. 🙂  Thank you so much for all of your encouraging words and for cheering me on! My favorite response came from my friend Mini-Cooper Bill who said, “I never watched the show before and if you’re not on it, I’ll never watch it again!”  Ha.

And finally, I’m really excited to be leading a songwriting workshop in Portland with Matt Meighan this month!!  Matt is a wonderful poet, songwriter, teacher, and human.  I have taken his workshop and very much enjoyed it.  In fact, it was at Matt’s workshop that I began “Close Your Eyes, Here We Go” and I’m forever grateful for that.  Matt and I will explore ways to get started, some exercises for fun and for those creative muscles, and writing the story in song only you can write.  If you’re anywhere near Portland, I hope you’ll consdider joining us!  Details below..

3.  OCTOBER SHOWS…Life is  so uncertain, please call ahead!

Fri, Oct 4 – Cafe Carpe – Ft Atkinson, WI. 920-563-9391. 18 South Water St. West. BW returns to the great listening room Cafe Carpe!! $10. Co-bill with the great Bill Camplin! 8 pm.

Sat, Oct 5- UU Fellowship of La Crosse– La Crosse, WI. 401 West Avenue S. This concert is open to the public. Tickets are only $5!  Donations will be accepted by “Grow Your Brain”, promoting food-growing education in our schools. Tickets available at the door. 7 pm.

Sun, Oct 6 – House Concert – Fergus Falls, MN. I heart Fergus! 🙂 Hosted by Harriet W. Please email or call wicklund@charter.net or 701-426-4003 for info and directions. $20 suggested donation. 4 pm gathering, 4:30 music.

Wed, Oct 9 – Yard Arm Bar & Grill – Racine, WI. 920 Erie St. 262-633-8270. A million years ago, I played a gig at the great Cafe Carpe in Ft Atkinson, WI. A lovely and enthusiastic lady approached me after the show and said, “you should play at my place in Racine!!” That was Laurie T and I have loved playing for her at the Yardarm ever since. Might be my favorite bar gig ever. You gotta try the sand dollars, i’m just sayin. 🙂 6:30 pm.

Thu, Oct 10 – Windy City House Concerts – Chicago, IL.  Open to all, hosted by good friends Lee & Cindy! For reservations and directions, please contact Lee at windycityhouseconcerts@gmail.com or at 773-334-5776. Children welcome if they can sit quietly through the concert! $15 suggested donation (all funds go to the musician). Please bring a dish and beverage to share. Wine or beer are welcome. Water, glasses, dishes and silver provided. Music at 7:30 p.m. Potluck and socializing at 6:30 p.m.

Fri, Oct 11 – Trinity House Theatre – Livonia, MI. 38840 West Six Miile Rd. A beautiful listening room theatre where dozens of dedicated volunteers make the concerts possible! Trinity House Theatre exists to enrich and enliven the communities of Southeastern Michigan through brave, truthful and necessary works of art. Hell, yes! $15/$12 for subscribers. All ages welcome. Kiana June Weber of Gaelic Storm opens!! 8 pm.

Sat, Oct 12 – Possum Hollow Log Cabin Concerts – St Paris, OH. Jan and Denis have initiated this concert series in the living room of their log cabin to provide an intimate and comfortable venue for singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians to share their talents with an appreciative audience! For reservations, please go to www.possomhollowlogcabinconcerts.com or email possumhollowlogcabinconcerts@hotmail.com. $15.00 suggested donation. 8 pm.

Sun, Oct 13 – Tuetone Concert Series – Ann Arbor, MI. Hosted by the lovely Don & Cheryl in beautiful Ann Arbor! Please email donalles@gmail.com or call 269-209-0741 for info and reservations. $15 suggested donation. 7 pm.

Mon, Oct 14 – Folk at the Cannery – Dataw Island, SC. $15 suggested donation. 7:30 pm.

Wed, Oct 16 – Goslin Productions Concerts at the Plantation Club – Skidaway Island, GA. One Cottonwood Lane. 912-598-7693. To reserve a seat, send checks for $15 per person to Herb Goslin,2 Hardwicke Lane,Savannah,Ga., 31411. $15. 7:30 pm.

Thu, Oct 17 – Mudville Music Room – Jacksonville, FL. Venue phone: 904-635-4167. Join us for some music at this new intimate listening room inside the Mudville Grile! For info 904-399-1740 or email FlaMusic@bellsouth.net. $15. 7:30 pm.

Fri, Oct 18 – 185 King Street – Brevard, NC. The mission of 185 King St is to enrich the lives of its members by providing high quality entertainment in a relaxed but upscale environment. Provide a space for local musicians and artisans to perform for members who share a love of music and the arts and to promote and stimulate the musical and artistic development of the community. YAY! BW returns to her old hometown of Brevard to share new and old songs at this fabulous venue. $5 for members/$10 for non-members (gets you a temporary membership). 8 pm.

Sat, Oct 19 – The Bluebird Cafe – Nashville, TN. 615-383-1461. The Bluebird Café is one of the world’s preeminent listening rooms and the venue has gained worldwide recognition as a songwriter’s performance space where the “heroes behind the hits” perform their own songs; songs that have been recorded by chart-topping artists in all genres of music. Free admission but there is a $7 food/drink minimum for all seats (excluding the church pews). http://www.bluebirdcafe.com/about/faq/ for more info about this legendary venue! BW will play in the round with James Casto and Jessica Campbell. 6:30 pm.

Sun, Oct  27 – Songwriting Workshop with Matt Meighan at Artichoke Music – Portland, OR.  3130 SE Hawthorne. For details & registration, contact Matt: matt@mattmeighan.com or 503-853-5555. 10 am – 4 pm. $60. What a fun way to spend a Sunday…exploring our creativity and supporting each other in this important endeavor!  Matt is a very gifted writer, performer and teacher and I have loved his workshops.  I’m so thrilled at this chance to work with him!

Sisters Folk Festival was epic this year. Check out the GORGEOUS new stage at Five Pines resort…took my breath away!

and i LOVE this illustration by Susan M…thank you Susan!

Check out this motley crew of instructors at the Sisters Song & Arts Academy!

I heart RJ Cowdery.  She’s so funny.  Her music is heart-opening. We call her the Cobra.

This is what you do when the Poet Laureate of Oklahoma Dr. Nathan Brown comes to town!

My band show at the Depot on Saturday night of the Sisters Folk Festival was one of my favorite nights EVAH!! Look how happy we are. 🙂 Thanks Shireen Amini, Jason Jackon & Nathan Brown!

I had the honor of playing for Erin W and her family and friends to celebrate her one year anniversary of being cancer-free. It was such an amazing, humbling, inspiring night that I was so proud to be a part of! (yes, I ate a good portion of this giant cake!)

Thanks to Marty, I got to cross this one off my bucket list…for the first time I got to see the great band Heart!  The sisters simply rocked my socks off.  I cried when they sang “Dog & Butterfly”. Marty just looked at me, confused…but I was overwhelmed by how much their music meant to me growing up.  We wore out the 8 track! Ooooo…barracuda!

Hey look, it’s a turkey party on my street!


4. THE FUTURE…I’m very excited about a trip to Texas in November…yay!!  And hanging around Dr. Nathan Brown has re-inspired me to work on my poetry book.  Perhaps in those cold, rainy December days I can get it together!  I’m also really excited about how this album I’ve made with Tyler Fortier is shaping up. Hard to believe we’re almost finished!!  I’m dreaming on what it will look like, what it will be called…the many places it will take me!

As always, thank you for reading this, for cheering me on, and for your interest in my musical life journey. I couldn’t do it with out you!!  With much gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

World Headquarters: BethWoodMusic, PO Box 864, Eugene, OR, 97440

Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT] hotmail.com

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Here’s a little poem I wrote when i was in Las Vegas auditioning for The Voice…


Birds of Las Vegas


Here in this desert mirage,

all seems to shimmer on the horizon –

the raucous shouting lights, the stifling heat pressing

down and rising up, the tourists

from middle America wearing, lets face it,

not enough clothing


you almost can’t believe this place


down by the gargantuan pool

you fall asleep in the shade

and wake to birds singing above

your head, it feels

like a half-asleep dream


how could there possibly be birds

in this hellhole? you think to yourself,

just then looking up to the palm tree above you

and seeing three perfect little dusty songbirds

lined up, singing to each other joyfully, without

reserve, the song like lace so delicate


you think of the Bob Marley song and realize

Every little thing will be alright, just

probably not how you imagined it.



Down the road a piece…

11/09 – Emerald Valley Opry- Eugene, OR

11/15 -The Bugle Boy – La Grange, TX

11/16 – House Concert – San Angelo, TX

11/17 – Rockin’ Box 33 House Concerts – Lubbock, TX

11/20 – Dosey Doe Music Cafe – Conroe, TX

11/22 – The Rock Room Concerts – Austin, TX

11/23 – Private House Concert – Mansfield, TX

11/24 – Patrick’s Place Music Series – Coppell, TX