November, I’m so grateful for you.

November, I’m so grateful for you.

Fri, October 31, 2014

icon p.s. Love what you’ve done with the leaves.
Thank you Ken Holme for this pic from the FAR-West conference!!

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers! Autumn is in full swing and I’m a soup-makin’ fool. 🙂 So far butternut squash with red curry is  my favorite. But wild mushroom with Hungarian paprika is a close second! Here’s what’s happening in Nov…

I’ve got some steller shows on the west coast and a workshop with Matt Meighan…YAY! Here’s the dates y’all, more details below…

Sat, Nov 1 – Artichoke Music – Portland, OR

Fri, Nov 7 – Private House Concert – Berkeley, CA

Sat, Nov 8 – Private House Concert – Berkeley, CA

Sun, Nov 9 – Songwriters at Play at Scupterra Winery – Paso Robles, CA

Mon, Nov 10 – “KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro” at Osteria – San Francisco, CA

Fri, Nov 14 – Point Richmond Acoustic Concerts – Point Richmond, CA

Sun, Nov 23 – Songwriting Workshop with Matt Meighan at Artichoke Music – Portland, OR

1. GRATITUDE…Wow. October’s tour was so wonderful I’m still pinching myself. Every single stop was nourishing and fun in its own way. Thank you to everyone who made the shows so successful and to everyone who made my life on the road a such a joy. BIG thanks to all these folks: Sandra, Kathy, Norma & Eve, Janice & Joan & Joan & Ray & Debbie and everyone who made the Holly Springsconcert happen; Robert Seiler & all at the Purple Onion; Felty family; Bryan & Wanda and friends; Cindy & Jeff and Damon & Janee and friends; Jim & Alice and all at UUTC; the Lamottes; the Ochs family; Alan & David all at Square in the Circle Concerts; David Sardinha & Bill & all at 54 West; Ocea and family; all the volunteers and organizers at the FAR West Conference; Peter Mulvey and all at the Majestic Theatre; and Brad & the Mushroom Festival.

2. THE NEWS…The folk radio campaign with Hudson Harding is rolling right along. We’re getting some good spins…with popular tunes being “Bird Girl” and “Holding On To You.” One thing I love about folk radio is DJs are free to play whatever they want! There are no “singles”, just songs that speak to them that they share with their listeners.  Good stuff!

Also good news.. I have been invited to do another songwriting workshop with Matt Meighan this month. Matt is a wonderful teacher and gentle soul who inspires me (and everyone else!) to creativity every time I attend one of his workshops. It is a gift to be able to share in this with Matt. The workshop will be at Artichoke Music in Portland, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places. Not only is it a stellar listening room, but it also serves as a hub for music education in the community. Lessons, group classes, and workshops all happen at Artichoke. Our workshop will be on Sunday, Nov 23 and we’ll do lots of writing, voluntary sharing, and respectful listening. Participants will come away with fresh inspiration, song ideas, and tools for starting and finishing songs. $60. For more info or to register:

Speaking of Artichoke Music, I am SUPER psyched for a show I’m doing there tomorrow night (Nov 1)!! I am thrilled to share the stage with two Portland artists who blew me away when I first heard them! Karyn Ann Partridge will open the show. I was immediately drawn to her soulful style and great songs when she played on the secret garden stage at the Northwest Portland Hostel. And Ara Lee will share a few songs before my second set. I first heard Ara at the Alberta Street Public House for the Roots Radio Live show and she totally bowled me over with her soulful voice and amazing songs!!  This is going to be an EPIC night of soulful women and song!  Check out our flyer!

AND I am super excited for a California tour this month. I’ll get to play a couple of Berkeley private house concerts with my buddy and fabulous singer-songwriter Steve Meckfessel, songwriters showcase shows in Paso Robles and San Francisco, and a concert series in a beautiful acoustically pristine venue that was recently described to me as seeing a concert from the inside of a guitar. Wowza!!


Sat, Nov 1 – Artichoke Music – Portland, OR. 3100 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Artichoke Music is a 40-year-old nonprofit music community center that serves to develop and support musicians, attract and educate audiences, and create a connected community of acoustic music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Artichoke Music is an integral part of the creative community of musicians in Portland, Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest! BW is thrilled to return to this wonderful listening room! $15. Seating is limited. Please call 503.232.8845 for reservations! With special guests Karyn Ann Partridge and Ara Lee! 8 pm.

Fri, Nov 7 – Private House Concert – Berkeley, CA

Sat, Nov 8 – Private House Concert – Berkeley, CA

Sun, Nov 9 – Songwriters at Play at Scupterra Winery – Paso Robles, CA. 5015 Linne Rd. Live, original, acoustic music — Songwriters At Play, hosted by Steve Key, showcases top talent from California’s Central Coast region, and touring professional artists. BW is the featured artist and will play at 2:15. Donations encouraged.

Mon, Nov 10 – KC Turner Presents Acoustic Bistro at Osteria – San Francisco, CA. 3277 Sacramento St. To guarantee seating, please to make a dinner reservation at Osteria by calling 415-771-5030. 8 pm.

Fri, Nov 14 – Point Richmond Acoustic Concerts – Point Richmond, CA. At First Methodist Church of Point Richmond, 201 Martina Avenue. Bay Area songwriter Rick Didia opens. Advance tickets are $15 and can be purchased here: $20 at the door. 7 pm doors/7:30 music.

Sun, Nov 23 – Songwriting Workshop with Matt Meighan at Artichoke Music – Portland, OR. 3130 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Matt Meighan teaches the popular “Songwriting as Truth-Telling” class and hosts the weekly Songwriter Roundup show at Artichoke Music. He studied poetry at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Boulder, Colorado, where he earned an MFA in writing and poetics. Matt has been called “one of the most honest voices in folk music.” He is a gifted teacher, and BW is thrilled to co-lead this songwriting workshop with Matt! 10 am to 4 pm. We’ll do lots of writing, voluntary sharing, and respectful listening. Participants will come away with fresh inspiration, song ideas, and tools for starting and finishing songs. $60. For more info or to register:


 ahhh….those western North Carolina leaves get me every time!

In continuation of my goat obsession, this is the only pic I took from my visit to beautiful Brevard…

This was the setting for our lovely house concert in the Sunset Lake Clubhouse in Holly Hill, NC. Wait til you see the view from the porch!

it’s so gorgeous, right?!? I want to sit there right now. thanks Kathy for this pic!

and this is Moose, gentle mascot at 54 West in Graham, NC and the most ginormous dog I have ever met!! See guitar case for size reference…

I had SUCH a great time at the FAR-West Folk Alliance conference in Oakland! Thanks Russell Paris for this pic capturing some of my joy! It looks like my guitar just told me a really good joke.

What an amazing night at the Majestic Theatre in Corvallis, OR with the great Peter Mulvey! My favorite part…the friendly staff who gave us such a warm welcome. They even left us a love note!

And I love this pic Marty took at the soggy but fun Mushroom Festival here in Eugene…the sun came out for a few glorious moments…these are so cute…reminds me of fruity pebbles for some reason…


4. THE FUTURE… December is always a slow time for touring, and that is alright with me. It is necessary and healthy to take breaks from the road, and I look forward to doing just that. I’m excited for our annual Caldera Songwriters Group concert to benefit the Egan Warming Centers here in Eugene…that will be Dec 19 at Tsunami Books. Other than that, I plan to lay low, make more soup, teach lessons and focus on writing. I have started recording my new songs, just guitar and voice, at Tyler’s studio…who knows where that will lead… 🙂

I am so thankful for many things…my supportive family and friends and husband, and all the folks who support this art form by coming out to shows or spreading the word or hosting shows. My livelihood relies on the generousity and energy of others, something I am quite mindful of. I hope in this beautiful autumn season you have many things to be thankful for. May we all share in the gratitude of the season!!

I hope to see you out there on the road! With much gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

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Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT]

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