A Little Love Blast from me to you..

A little love blast…

Wednesday Mar 18, 2020

icon from me to you. 
Dear friends,

I want to take this moment to send some love and light out to you. These are strange and challenging days indeed. It is clear that the best way we can help each other is to stay apart for the time being, and that is unsettling to say the least. 

I believe that we will come together and help each other, as we always do when things get tough. I am wishing you health and peace and well-being. Now is a great time to reach out to our community and to connect. Now is a great time to get creative.

I want to let you know that my gigs/workshops/events in March and April are canceled or postponed. We are working hard to reschedule things so stay tuned. I look forward to a time when we can gather together again to share in song and story and poetry. In the mean time, I want to let you know about a really fun online interview I will be doing tomorrow, Thursday, March 18 at 10 am PST! My friend David Lamotte has invited me to be his guest on his new web series called “Sustaining Our Spirits”. It will be an hour-long conversation about life and resilience and creativity with some songs and poems and laughter thrown in. I first knew David when I lived in North Carolina as part of the Asheville singer-songwriter community. His music is like a warm flannel shirt, as is his spirit. His writing is insightful and light-giving. David is also an author, speaker, and leader in the world of peace work. He does not shy away from tough things. He builds community. He is an excellent dad and husband and a good friend. I know you’ll love him as much as I do if you don’t already so I hope you’ll tune in! I’m absolutely certain it will lift our spirits. 

You can join us here on CrowdCast at 10 am PST!

Or you can watch on Facebook Live here.

I will reach back out soon when I have more good news to share! In the mean time, here is a little song I wrote for Bailey that I hope will bring a smile.

beth wood lovin' an old dog

As always I love hearing from you. May we all be well and stay connected. With much love and gratitude from your fan,

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