It’s not too late to join the song club!!

Hey friends, my Song of the Month Club is still going strong and it’s not too late to get in on this party!!  It’s also not too late to become a song sponsor.  Here’s the scoop:

To become a memmber, you make a one-time payment to (I suggest a minimum amount of $10, but you can write in any amount you’d like to pay).  I will send you an MP3 of a fresh BW song on the first of every month for 10 months along with lyrics and liner notes about each song’s creation. At the end of that 10 months, I’ll make a CD.

If you’d like to do more, please consider becoming a Song Sponsor!  Song Sponsors are a very special group of folks who give $100 or more.  This support will go directly to studio production costs and paying musicians for their brilliant playing. Song sponsors get special recognition in my liner notes, yay!  Viola, you are an investor in the arts!

Many of you have already invested in my project and I am SO grateful!  Let’s continue to do great things together!

If you sign up, I will get you caught up by sending all the songs we have done so far…and after that, you’ll receive each month’s song on the 1st of the month.  Chick here for a sneak peak (listen) of August’s song “Bird Girl”…


Ways to pay…

a fully-secure way to pay by credit card.  Suggested minimum of $10. Simply click on the “Buy Now” botton below, write in your amount, then hit “update” and you’re good to go.

SNAIL MAIL: You can send a check to me for $10 or more at PO Box 864, Eugene, OR, 97440.

Thank you to my many awesome song clubbers who have signed up so far!  And I have these wonderful song sponsors to thank …Lee Stivers, Dave & Erica Holiday, Margaret & Terry Zimmerman, Bill & Pat Snow, Damon & JaNaye Bryson, Maggie Stivers, Anne & Dave Husted, Laura Howe, Mel Stark, Danny Allen & Dave Lein, Mark Kaufman, Margie James, Ann& Bob Wood, Cathy & Rick Nathan, Jim Davies, and Julie & Jason Hall!