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June, I heart you…

Tuesday Jun 4, 2013

icon …even though you make me sneeze.
Greetings friends and fellow music lovers, and happy June!

Marty, Marble and I had a fabulous birthday month, and quite frankly we can’t believe it’s over already.

June means long days here in Eugene starting at 5:30 and ending around 9…the sun has been out and it has been gorgeous – just the kind of magical weather that makes all the rainy days worth it. I just planted my veggies, so I hope they will survive my beginner’s-mind approach to gardening. 🙂

Well, I have been recording a ton in the studio with Tyler Fortier and I’m thrilled at the work we are doing. We’ve got five songs finished and two more cooking. I am not playing shows this month, so I’ll keep this short.

1. Gratitude & The News

Special thanks to these folks for making May so fabulous…Mark & Jeanne and all at Olympia Acoustic Concerts, John & Marlene and their wonderful community of friends at Concerts on the Lake, Candace & Grace Kathol and the crew at Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts in Port Angeles.

And special thanks to all of you who signed up for my Song of the Month Club, which I just launched in May!! I’m so excited to have you on board and I hope we can grow this little community! I appreciate all of your feedback and kind words about the project! I’m very fortunate to have a fabulous group of Song Sponsors: Lee Stivers, Dave & Erica Holiday, Margaret & Terry Zimmerman, Damon & JaNaye Bryson, Maggie Stivers, Anne & Dave Husted, Laura Howe, Mel Stark, Danny Allen & Dave Lein, Mark Kaufman, Ann& Bob Wood, Cathy & Rick Nathan!

Special thanks to Della Perry ( for the cute bird logo!

In case you missed it, here’s the scoop on my Song of the Month Club. I am releasing a new album one song at a time.  It’s called the Song of the Month Club and goes like this. I have been reimagining how I can deliver my new music to the world, and my Song of the Month Club is the result of that vision.  Let’s become pioneers in the music business as we blaze new trails together!

I was inspired by the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) concept where you pay a certain amount to a small farm, and they deliver a box of their freshest produce every month.  This of this as Community Supported Music.  🙂

Here’s the basics:

You make a one-time payment on my website, by check, or in person. I suggest a minimum of $10 but the sky’s the limit.  I send you a fresh song along with liner notes and lyrics every month for 10 months.  At the end of that time, we’ll have a new CD! Club members can purchase physical copies for $5.

If you’d like to do more, please consider becoming a Song Sponsor! Song Sponsors are a very special group of folks who give $100 or more.  This support will go directly to studio production costs and paying musicians for their brilliant playing. Song sponsors get special recognition in my liner notes!

Click HERE to learn more and become a member!

I had a really fun photo session with Cassy Berry, a wonderful, hilarious, talented young photographer who grew up in Eugene and is now living in Portland.  It has been a few years since I had photos taken, and I’ll need some images for this new project. I fell in love with Cassy’s work and I’m so glad she was available and willing to work with me in Eugene!  Special thanks to my girls Ocea, Caitlin and Jessica for the clothes and hair & make up help! p.s. Cassy took that fabulous photo at the top with the yellow flowers. I got poison oak from standing there, it was totally worth it.

I don’t have any shows this month, but I am excited be singing our National Anthem at the Eugene Emeralds game on June 26!  They have an awesome new logo, he’s so scary!

Thanks to Eugene Magazine for the nice write-up and review of “The Weather Inside” in their summer issue!  It’s not available online, so I’ll share my favorite part… “A collection of well-crafted, Lyle Lovett-esque tunes, the record is set on dirt roads and in small towns, delving into archetypal American images of  life on the road, exploring the conflicts, tensions, and the push/pull nature of being an artist-subjects that are close to Wood’s heart.”  SWEET!!  Should I send a CD to Lyle?  🙂

And finally, this coming Monday is my audition for “The Voice”. Thanks so much for all of your encouragement! I’m going to give it my best shot and we’ll see what happens. I’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by putting it out there! Hopefully they’ll let me sing some of my own songs, we’ll see! Right now I’m planning to sing my song “Whiskey”, “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, “Too Close” by Alex Clare and possibly “Over My Head” by The Fray or maybe something by Amos Lee…love love love him.  Already it’s been surreal working on these tunes I love but would otherwise never perform.  I’m sure my neighbors are sick of me singing at the top of my lungs with headphones on while walking Marble. 🙂

this is how they roll in Olympa…my kind of folks.

my greeting in Allyn, WA at Lakehouse Concerts, so sweet!

i was totally geeking out in Port Angeles, WA but we didn’t see any whales…we’ll just have to go back!

insanely awesome birthday card from Bill & Pat Snow…

this is happening in our yard right NOW! hot damn!


2. The Future…I am feeling so blessed to be supported in my living my dream, to live in a beautiful place where I can connect with the natural world, to be surrounded by loving folks who believe in me. It’s going to be a wonderful summer!!  I’ve got fabulous shows coming up in July & Aug (see below).  I look forward to building the Song-of-the-Month Club and getting the word out about my new music. THANK YOU for your encouragement and support.  I hope to see you out there soon!  Your fan,

Beth Wood

World Headquarters: BethWoodMusic, PO Box 864, Eugene, OR, 97440

Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT]

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Stuff coming up…

6/26 – National Anthem at PK Park – Eugene, OR

7/5 – Home By Dark @ The Chattahoochee Nature Center – Roswell, GA

7/6 – Home By Dark @ Chukkar Farm – Alpharetta, GA

7/7 – Private Party – Atlanta, GA

7/13 – National Anthem at PK Park – Eugene, OR

7/26 – Goodrich House Concert – Redding, CA

7/27 – Festa-Tivities Home Concerts – Scotts Valley, CA

7/28 – Two Worlds Connect House Concerts – San Diego, CA

7/29 – Songwriters at Play at Bon Temps Creole Café – San Luis Obispo, CA

8/6 – Secret Garden Concerts – Portland, OR

8/9 – Private Event – Canyonville, OR


Marble says you’re never too old to make new friends. This is his new friend Willie, he’s 18 years young.


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