Here’s the newsy news for September…

Well, well, well.  If it isn’t September at the door…

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

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Greetings friends and fellow music lovers!

Well the wheel of seasons continues to spin…and here we are on the cusp of fall.  It’s a wonderful time that I treasure, full of possibility and nearing the introspective days of the colder months.  Soon it will be soup-makin weather. That’s what I’m talkin about!

September brings my favorite event of the year, the Sisters Folk Festival and Americana Song & Arts Academy. It is so inspiring to spend time with these wonderful creative folks in this breathtaking setting. I look forward to it all year and I’m thrilled that it’s almost here!

Here’s what’s happening, folks:

1.  Call to Action

2. Gratitude & The News

3.  September calendar…scroll down for more details

9/3-6 – Sisters Song & Arts Academy – Sisters, OR

9/7-9 – Sisters Folk Festival – Sisters, OR

9/13 – House Concert – Boulder, CO

9/14 – Private Party – Littleton, CO

4. The Future


1.  CALL TO ACTION…My Song of the Month Club is still going strong and it’s not too late to get in on this party!!  It’s also not too late to become a song sponsor.  Here’s the scoop: to become a member, you make a one-time payment to (I suggest a minimum amount of $10, but you can write in any amount you’d like to pay).  I will send you an MP3 of a fresh BW song on the first of every month for 10 months along with lyrics and liner notes about each song’s creation. At the end of that 10 months, I’ll make a CD.  If you’d like to do more, please consider becoming a Song Sponsor! Song Sponsors are a very special group of folks who give $100 or more.  This support will go directly to studio production costs and paying musicians for their brilliant playing. Song sponsors get special recognition in my liner notes, yay!  Viola, you are an investor in the arts!  Many of you have already invested in my project and I am SO grateful!  Let’s do great things together!


2.  GRATITUDE…Special thanks to these folks for being awesome:  Peter Perdichizzi, Tyler Fortier, Erin Flood Fortier, Alec and everyone at Cozmic, Ninkasi and Vanilla Jill’s and everyone at the Whiteaker Block Party, Jim & Britta and all at the Secret Garden Concert Series at the Northwest Portland Hostel, Brett & Rich of R&B Events and everyone at Alumafandango, the Eugene Emeralds family, John & Tim & everyone at Rock Camp!

Thank you to all my song clubbers and song sponsors.  You guys make it possible for me to make my art, and that’s pretty dang special.

A very sincere thanks to all of you for your kind words and cyber hugs you have been sending to Marty & me.  It has meant to much to me and I’m thankful for your compassion!  We are doing okay and we’re choosing to dwell on the huge gift of joy that Marble has brought to our lives…we are very lucky humans.

THE NEWS…I am thankful for my relatively quiet summer, but it’s about to get real crazy up in here.  Fall will be a whirlwind of touring with stops in the midwest, southeast, and Texas. I am looking forward to hitting the road again with fresh songs and fresh legs.  I will list some of those tour stops at the bottom of the page.

I’m thrilled to be hosting the Sisters Folk Festival Community Celebration again this year. It’s on Sunday, September 8 at 10 am, and if you are anywhere near central Oregon, please come!  It is free and open to the public and all are welcome!  I’m also psyched to be playing two sets at the festival on Saturday…one solo set at the Five Pines Lodge and one band set at the Depot Stage.  I will be joined by the great Shireen Amini on percussion and vocals, the great Jason Jackon on stand-up bass and trumpet, the great Nathan Brown on accordion and guitar and who-knows-what, and you never know who else might stop by!  I am absolutely THRILLED that my friend Nathan Brown is going to be performing at the Sisters Folk Festival and leading workshops at the Song & Arts Academy!  Nathan is an incredible poet, musician, photographer, and educator, and I have been fortunate enough to share many shows with him.  This year, Nathan was named Poet Laureate of Oklahoma. Hot damn!?! As an artist and human, Nathan has my highest respect.  I can’t wait to give him an Oregon welcome!

October will bring me back to Nashville again where I’ll share a Bluebird show with James Casto and hopefully do some more writing with ridiculously talented individuals.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Nashville a bit and learning the art of writing with other people.  It’s a dance, which means it’s never boring and no two dances are ever the same.  Good stuff!

I’m very excited to be invited to lead a songwriting workshop with my friend Matt Meighan at Artichoke Music in Portland in October!  Matt is a wonderful teacher and writer, and I have attended several of his workshops.  My song “Close Your Eyes, Here We Go” was a direct result of a Matt workshop!!  I am really looking forward to working with him!  For details about this workshop, you can reach out to Matt at 503-853-5555.

3.  SEPTEMBER SHOWS…Life is so uncertain, please call ahead!

9/3-6 – Sisters Song & Arts Academy – Sisters, OR.  I will be on staff at the song and arts academy, woohooo!

9/7 –  Sisters Folk Festival – Sisters, OR.  The Sisters Folk Festival is a three-day celebration of American roots music, from blues to bluegrass. The Festival is home to nine stages. BW will play a band set on the Depot Deli Stage at 9 pm and a solo set at the Five Pines Lodge Stage at 2 pm. A few tickets remain, and Sunday passes are still available here.

9/8 – Sisters Folk Festival Community Celebration – Sisters, OR. 10 am. Free and open to all.  BW hosts this variety show celebrating life, music, and community.

9/13 – House Concert – Boulder, CO.  Please email me at if you are interested in attending.

9/14 – Private Party – Littleton, CO


love this pic from our show at Cozmic. look, we’re playing next to the mural band!

Radio is fun!  Had a super fun visit with Eric Alan on KLCC…

The Whiteaker Block Party was epic!!  With Tyler, Peter & Flood…

Hey look, I’m in an Airstream!  This is me pretending to have happy hour while touring in this gorgeous beast…

my bro shared this with me.  it’s better than any award…

is this cute or what?!

had a BLAST being with the kids at Rock Camp!


4.  THE FUTURE…As I plan for future touring, my heart swells with excitement that I get to do what I love.  This artistic life comes with much uncertainty, which can be quite unsettling at times.  But I am still ever grateful for the opportunity to connect with folks like you through my music. I hope to see you out there on the road.  As always, I love hearing from ya! With gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

World Headquarters: BethWoodMusic, PO Box 864, Eugene, OR, 97440

Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT]

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Here’s a harvest from my little garden…I don’t know why but this brings me so much joy!  My bell peppers are almost ready and I’ve had a recent eggplant explosion…my zucchini plant has gone feral!

here’s some future tour dates…holy moly i’m pooped just looking at this! :)

10/5 – UU Fellowship of La Crosse – La Crosse, WI

10/6 – On the Map House Concerts – Highland Park, IL

10/9 – The Yardarm Bar & Grill – Racine, WI

10/10 – Windy City House Concerts – Chicago, IL

10/11 – Trinity House Theatre – Livonia, MI

10/12 – Possum Hollow Log Cabin Concerts – Saint Paris, OH

10/13 – Tuetone Concert Series – Ann Arbor, MI

10/14 – Folk at the Cannery – Dawtaw Island, SC

10/16 – Concerts at the Plantation Club – Skidaway Island, GA

10/17 – Mudville Music Room – Jacksonville, FL

10/18 – 185 King St – Brevard, NC

10/19 – The Bluebird Cafe – Nashville, TN

10/27 – Songwriting Workshop with Matt Meighan – Artichoke Music – Portland, OR

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