Hello, Summer — July newsy news is here!

Hello, summer…

Sunday, June 30, 2019


we’re glad you’re here and thanks for bringing the cherries and sunlight.

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!

Summer is in full swing now, and I hope you are enjoying these long days. We had an incredibly fun June filled with lots of Stand and Sway concerts and workshops. And now, Bailey and I are heading off in a few days for a fun vacation/road trip to some of my favorite people and places! When we get back, here’s what’s going on…

Sat, July 20 – Stand and Sway @ Hayloft Barn Concerts – Salem, ORPrivate event (but you can email Sharon at sharon.hayloft@gmail.com for details and invitation). With Paula Byrne. 7 pm. $15 suggested donation.

Thu, July 25 – House Concert – Fergus Falls, MN. With David Stoddard. 

Fri, July 26 – House Concert – Ortonville, MN. With David Stoddard. 

Sat, July 27 – Farm to Table Concert Series – Amory, WIWith David Stoddard. 110 Keller Avenue North. 715-268-4510. Jpin us for a summer concert series in a beautiful gallery space in downtown Amery. Come early for dinner or stay after for drinks and dessert at our local food restaurant! $20-$30. 6-9 pm.

1. GRATITUDE…Oh what a heart and spirit-filling time we have had these past few weeks! Special thanks to these beautiful humans for making it so: Mike and Julie and friends in Lowell; JoAn Mann, Mandy Troxel, Darvill’s Bookstore and all on Orcas Island; Vashon Center for the Arts and Kathryn Claire and Sid Ditson; Moody Little Sister and all at Al’s Den; Stephanie Schneiderman and Scott et all at Tsunami Books; Kathy and Gi and PJ and Marean and all the beautiful women at the WNS Retreat at Stillpoint Farm. My heart is full!

2. THE NEWS…Bailey and I are headed out on a road trip and it feels like I’m on summer vacation! So on that note, I’ll keep things short and sweet. Here goes:

— Since the dream-like thrill of the Oregon Book Awards, I’ve had such a blast doing poetry readings, and I’m working to make more of those magical moments happen. Turns out that weaving poems and songs together is one of my favorite things. 

— I have a basket full of new poems, and I’m working to see what patterns emerge for a new book. 

— I am SUPER STOKED for the Harris Bridge Folk Festival and Song Camp coming up in August! If you love songs and community and nature and wine and beautiful humans, you will love this place! I am co-leading the song camp with the incredibly talented Clara Baker, and then playing the first night of the folk fest with Ara as a duo show. I love this place. Check it all out here!

— I am planning to do more teaching in fall. Soon I will unveil plans for a monthly women’s song circle and for a multi-week songwriting class in Portland at the Mount Tabor Music School. WOOP! Ara and I will also be offering an Open Song Workshop there in October so stay tuned!

— Often when I go to type “Portland,” I mess up and type “Poetland” instead. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

— Ara and I are having a blast leading workshops! We loved our time on Orcas Island where we got to do a bookstore poetry reading, an evening concert, and an afternoon workshop! Do you know of any venues/places near you where this model might work? If so, please holler at me at bethwoodmusic@hotmail.com.

— And we are so excited for Stand and Sway‘s official digital release of our debut album DEEP BLUE. We are working with an amazing publicist Ever Kipp from Tiny Human in Seattle to coordinate the release, and we are planning a big celebration/band show/co-bill with Five Letter Word in Portland on Oct 25 — save the date! Check out this beautiful article about Stand and Sway from the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber!

Well looky who came on the road with me as my merch manager! Sales sky-rocketed since she joined the team!

We had such a wonderful time at Darvill’s Bookstore on Orcas Island! Our new friend Mandy Troxel played some beautiful tunes and I couldn’t believe it when all the chairs filled up! Thank you JoAn for setting this up.

People who love poetry as much as i do…. so miraculous

We had so much fun at the Orcas Grange Hall, and our friend Mandy sat in with us on a song for some delicious 3 part harmonies!

Then we got to each lunch at the Orcas farmers market. It was so quaint and lovely it felt like we were in a dream. (That’s our lovely host JoAn and our new friend Jim)

and ohhhhh the beautiful water…

Our lovely workshop circle in JoAn’s front yard!

Oh what fun we had at the beautiful Vashon Arts Center with the wonderful Kathryn Claire and Sid Ditson on violins! 

And then Mike Meyer invited us to his radio show on KRVM in Eugene! We have decided he is the tallest (and nicest) man in radio.

We loved making music with the great Stephanie Schneiderman at Tsunami Books in Eugene!

and then we headed out to Stillpoint Farm for a women’s retreat…

We loved being with these lovely and courageous souls!

And finally oh my grrrrd this might be the cutest thing ever. Our friend Mandy Troxel is also a wool artist (she and her friends own Bossy Feltworks) and she made me a tiny Bailey….I can’t even!

3. THE FUTURE…Oh how I love summer time in Oregon. Berries are exploding everywhere and every drop of sunshine is cherished. There will be hammock time and shows and workhops and campfires and new songs and poems and copious amounts of dog photos. 🙂 Thank you from my heart for reading this and for listening and showing up, for being part of my creative journey. I hope to see you out there the road soon! With much gratitude, as always, from your fan,

 Beth Wood

PO Box 10141

Portland, OR 97296



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Aug 2 – Point Richmond Acoustic w/Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan – Point Richmond, CA

Aug 3 – Private Party – Walnut Creek, CA

Aug 4-7 – Private Event – San Diego, CA

Aug 10 – Eurosports Beer Garden – Sisters, OR

Aug 13-16 Harris Bridge Songwriting Retreat w/Clara Baker – Philomath, OR

Aug 16 – Stand and Sway @ Harris Bridge Folk Festial – Philomath, OR

Aug 24 – Home By Dark @ Brooke St Park – Alpharetta, GA

Sep 3-6 – Americana Song Academy – Sisters, OR

Sep 8-9 Stand and Sway @ Sisters Folk Festival – Sisters, OR

Sep 9 – Sisters Folk Festival Community Celebration – Sisters, OR

Oct 4 – Wildwood Sounds – Del Norte, CO

Oct 5 – Chuck Pyle Tribute Concert at Swallow Hill – Denver, CO

Oct 6 – Chuck Pyle Tribute Concert at Avo’s – Fort Collins, CO

Oct 9 – Stand and Sway @ The Kraken – Chapen Hill, NC

Oct 10 – Stand and Sway @ The Rooster’s Wife – Aberdeen, NC

Oct 11 – Stand and Sway @ The Cary Theater – Cary, NC

Oct 12 – Stand and Sway @ Big Bad Wolf’s Small Good Concerts – Youngsville, NC