Happy 2014, y’all! Some news for the new year…

Excuse me, did someone say 2014?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers — and a very Happy New Year!  I love the new year, especially because it serves as a reminder that every day is a fresh new chapter, a blank slate for us to take stock, start over and do our best.  And I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

Here’s what’s happening right now…

1. Gratitude

2. The NewsThe Future

3. January Shows

4. The Future


1.  GRATITUDE…While December was a slow month for touring, I still have MUCH to be grateful for!  I got to do some really fun things like…

–playing at the Food For Lane County Dining Room (thank you to Steve Gibson, all the staff and diners there);

–getting snowed in at home for an entire week — quite an unusual happening in Eugene! (Thank you Universe for not making me drive in it!)

–getting released from jury duty after only being there for three hours (thank you Lane County Courthouse!);

–taking a weekend trip to Bandon with Marty…a very special and healing place for us (thank you Nature and Ocean and Sky and Dungness Crab and the random biography of Heart that I found laying around in our rental house – so inspiring!);

–co-hosting a radio show with my friend Sean McGowan, host of Radio Americana on KLCC (thank you Sean for letting me spin tunes and blab on about my favorite songs!)

–playing on KLCC with John Shipe and being interviewed by the great Eric Alan (thank you KLCC, Eric, John & Michael);

–singing back-up with DreamDog at the Holiday Market in Eugene (thank you Willie & Dreamdog guys and all the colorful and wonderful folks at the holiday market!)

–playing a benefit concert with my Eugene Caldera Songwriter Friends at Tsunami Books to celebrate the season and raise money for The Egan Warming Center. We raised $700 and two car loads of warm things!! VERY special thanks to Scott & Tsunami Books, all the volunteers at the Egan Warming Center & St Vincent de Paul, everyone who came and cheered us on and donated to the benefit, and my wonderful and generous songwriter friends Lori Kats, Peter Newman, Sean & Hannah Mcgowan, John Shipe, Kathy Marshall, Della Perry, Steve Gibson, Ken Zimmerman, and Laura Golden.  Here’s a really nice article, thank you SVDP!

–visiting with Marty’s family in DC to ring in the new year (thank you Ochs family!), although I fell alseep at 10 on New Year’s Eve because I had a cold (sorry, Ochs family!)


Well, song #9 in my Song of the Month Club, “Moses On A Runaway Train”, just went out and this little project is starting to get wings.  Tyler and I have been meeting to conceptualize the album as a whole, and I have started talking with the great Jodi Hersh about art work.  Although I am very excited to see this CD come together, I want to make sure I get it right so I’m trying no to rush it!  If you are still interested in hearing the songs from the Song of the Month Club, but you’re late to the party, no worries!  You can still sign up here and just consider it pre-ordering the CD, and I’ll send you all the songs and liner notes!

In other news, I’m getting geared up for the International Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City in February.  I’m hoping to make some great connections, play some tunes, meet random people in elevators, and visit with old friends among the chaos.  It’s always a little bit overwhelming but so rewarding to be among so many people who love music like I do!

I’ve got three really cool northwest shows coming up this month…in Portland and Seattle.  Yay for shows I can drive to!!  Details are below…I’d love to see you there.!

CALL TO ACTION:  Hey Florida peeps — I am looking for a house concert or alternative venue on Sat, Mar 22 and Fri, Mar 28.  Anybody got any ideas!?



Life is so uncertain…please call ahead!

Fri, Jan 3 – Al’s Den at the Crystal Hotel – Portland, OR. 303 S.W. 12th Ave. I will be a guest of Anna Tivel during her residency here at Al’s Den. Also with Lincoln Crockett! Free! 7 pm

Fri, Jan 24 – Portland Folk Music Society Concerts – Portland, OR. At St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, 2800 SE Harrison St. (A church is located at the same address in Milwaukie, which confuses some GPS units. Use the zipcode 97214.) St. David is located just east of the Ladd’s Addition neighborhood. Harrison Street is midway between Hawthorne and Division. There is limited free parking in the church parking lot and additional on-street parking in the immediate neighborhood. All concerts are smoke-free; a handicapped-accessible entrance is available. Tickets: $15 General Admission, $12 PFS Members, $8 ages 12-18 (under 12 free). Portland duo Heart and Hammer will also be performing. Concert at 7:30 pm; doors open at 7 pm.

Sat, Jan 25 – The Firefly Concert Series – Seattle, WA. At The Alcove at Two Tartes Cafe, 5629 Airport Way S. Potluck at 6pm. Everyone is asked to bring a dish, appetizer, side, or dessert to share. Please bring wine or beer if you want it. Concert begins 7pm. $30.  Reservations must be made in advance, check it out here… http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/537205


Visiting in the KLCC studio with John Shipe and Eric Alan…

At the Tsunami Books benefit show…love the books in the background!  Can you guess what I’m singing?

This is what our street looks like under 7 inches of snow!

Super psyched to hand off all the donations for the Egan Warming Center from our Caldera Songwriters Group concert & benefit!

The view out our window in Bandon…sigh…

Our friends Kathy & Gina’s dog just had 8 puppies and they invited us over to share some puppy love.  (No, we’re not getting one!  It’s too soon…) But what’s better than a pile of puppies?  Nothin’!


4.  The Future – This time of year I am always inspired to write, to dream, to think of how I can use my gifts in the best way possible.  Writing and singing and performing and traveling have been my intense focus for 17 years (can you believe THAT?!!), and while I don’t expect that to change much any time soon, I sometimes wonder in what other ways I could use my gifts.  How can I evolve and grow and try new things while honoring my life’s work?  Those are the things I’m thinking on this second day of this new year.  I am excited to welcome the unknown, the mystery, the adventure that can only come if I am open to it.  I will always make music no matter what. It is the language that I speak, that permeates my every cell, but I wonder what else can I do? I admire Marty so much for his adventurous, resiliant spirit.  Who knows, maybe after twelve years, some of that has rubbed off on me!

I want to give you a special thank you for reading this thing.  Few people take the time anymore for old-fashioned things like newsletters. 🙂  You know I always love hearing from you.  Even if it takes me a while to respond to email, please know that I hear you and I appreciate you!

I cannot WAIT to share my new music with you in this new year!!  I am grateful to you with all my heart.  Your fan,

Beth Wood

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Stuff that’s gonna rock down the road a piece..

Sun, Feb 9 – House Concert – Bend, OR

Fri, Feb 14 – something may be brewing in northern CA, i hope it works out!

Thu, Feb 20 – Folk Alliance Conferene – Kansas City, MO

Fri, Feb 21 – Folk Alliance Conferene – Kansas City, MO

Sat, Feb 22 – Folk Alliance Conferene – Kansas City, MO

Fri, Feb 28 – Redbud Farm and Vineyard Concert – Washington, OK

Sat, Mar 1 – College Hill House Concert Series – Wichita, KS

Sun, Mar 2 – Our House Concert Series – Manhattan, KS