Guess what, Texas – I’m headed your way!

Dear Texas,Thursday Apr 17, 2014
icon oh how i have missed you!
Hello there, Texan friends!! Here’s a tiny little burst of news for your Thursday inbox. I have a Texas tour coming up, and I’m so psyched I can barely stand it! I’ll be doing a mix of public and private shows…really looking forward to returning to my old faves Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse in Dallas, Mucky Duck in Houston, and the Wildflower Festival in Richardson! Also, a little birdie told me that if all the stars align, I will have copies of my NEW CD, Sometimes Love, at the Wildflower Festival!!! WOOOOOOP!!!So here’s where I’ll be…I’d really love to see you. Can you help me spread the word? Thanks and always grateful…and save some bluebonnets for me, will ya? Your fan,Beth

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