Feb newsy news and call to action!

February, so short and sweet…

Sunday Jan 28, 2018


and yet so mighty.

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers – 2018 is rocking it!

My BIG NEWS of the moment is my Kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion and promotion of my 11th album! THANK YOU to all of you angels who have already pledged, and I hope you will scroll down and read more about how you can be a part of this project! 

Here’s where I will be Feb… more details below!

2/1 – Pilot’s Pub House Concerts – Spicewood, TX

2/2 – McKinney House Concerts – McKinney, TX

2/3 – Clear Creek Harbor House Concerts – League City, TX

2/9 – The Bugle Boy – La Grange, TX

2/10 – Sycamore Creek House Concerts – Dripping Springs, TX

2/11 – Stallion Springs House Concerts – Fischer, TX

2/17 – Concerts at Our House – Seattle, WA w/Ara Lee

2/18 – Olympia House Concerts – Olympia, WA w/ Ara Lee 

1. GRATITUDE. Special thanks to these fine folks for making January so dang awesome: Joe Werne and all at Little Tree Acoustic Concerts, Chris & T & Gia, KGNU, Scott and all at Tsunami Books, Freddy & Francine, and Paul and Kristine friends.  

2. THE NEWS...The BIG NEWS of the hour is that I am making a new album!! This will be my 11th album (can you believe it!?!) and I have never been more excited about making something. I just launched my Kickstarter campaign and I could use your help! Here’s how it works:

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform for creative projects. 

I set a dollar amount goal that I would like to raise for a project, and we have 30 days to make that happen. 

I offer rewards for different amounts of money that you pledge. 

In May I will send those rewards to you (along with heaps of gratitude from my heart every day). 

If we do not reach the $ goal, your credit card will not be charged. So there’s no risk to you! 

The risk is on me to raise the money, and I believe that together we can do it! 

I launched my campaign this week, so we only have until Feb 23 to make it happen!

If you support my music and think you would like buy my 11th album, I ask that you’d consider doing that now through Kickstarter! For as little as $10 you can buy a digital copy of the album, and help me out in a big way at the same time! If you like fun rewards, I hope you’ll consider contributing to my Kickstarter campaign at $25 or higher! Directly from me to you, I’m offering signed copies of the new CD, hand-written lyrics, my new poetry book, giant batches of my mom’s homemade granola (made by me), a skype session, a house concert, and more fun stuff! And the best news of all is you don’t have to give money to contribute to this campaign. A powerful way to contribute is to share with friends and family about my project and this campaign. Facebook, Twitter, email, in person over coffee…all of these are great ways to spread the word. If you can pledge AND spread the word, well that would be downright amazing.




For twenty years, you have shown up, cheered me on, read my newsy news, brought your friends to shows, hugged me at the merch table, and graciouly and generously made me part of the soundtrack of your lives. I could not be more grateful. Now we get to make something beautiful together. More music for your soundtrack!

In other news, Ara Lee and I were so honored to perform our song NASTY WOMAN at the Denver Women’s March! We had a great visit to KGNU in Boulder for some conversation and early morning live performance. And here is a video from the march if you’re feeling nasty and you want to check it out.!

nasty woman - ara lee and beth wood - denver women's march

Also, if you haven’t seen the offical video it’s awesome! 

nasty woman - ara lee, with beth wood  (official music video)

Here’s a RANDOM QUESTION…is there anyone in Iowa or within driving distance of Des Moines that might be interested in hosting a house concert on Friday, March 2? I’m playing Des Moines on Saturday, and it sure would be lovely to play another show while I’m out there! If you’ve got any ideas, please send them my way @ bethwoodmusic@hotmail.com!

And finally, I’m heading to Texas!! It’s been too long without margaritas and queso. I hope you’ll come see me at one of these beautiful places…

3. FEBRUARY SHOWS…Life is so uncertain, please call ahead.

2/1 – Pilot’s Pub House Concerts – Spicewood, TX. For details, text or call Dana at 512-789-1221. $15. 7 pm. 

2/2 – McKinney House Concerts – McKinney, TX. A lovely house concert in McKinney hosted by John Wynn. For reservations, please call 972-832-1646. $15 suggested donation. Gathering at 7, music at 7:30 pm.

2/3 – Clear Creek Harbor House Concerts – League City, TX. For reservations, email njhindman1@gmail.com. Open to the public. $15-$20 suggested donation. Meet and Greet is from 6-7PM. Concert begins at 7:00 PM.

2/9 – The Bugle Boy – La Grange, TX. 1051 N. Jefferson St. (Hwy 77). 979-968-9944. The Bugle Boy is an intimate concert hall housed in a World War II army barracks located in La Grange, Texas. Once doors opened in January of 2005, The Bugle Boy became one of the premier listening rooms in the country. In addition to wonderful music, the Bugle Boy is a NON-SMOKING establishment and offers coffee, assorted teas, fine wines and beer. Best little listening room in Texas! All ages welcome. $20. Doors at 7 pm/music at 8 pm. 

2/10 – Sycamore Creek House Concerts – Dripping Springs, TX. Sycamore Creek House Concerts are held in a building lovingly constructed for the appreciation of music and those who make it.  Our first concert was held in September 2008 to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.   Since that first concert the “barn” has been the site of numerous concerts and has been filled with 100’s of appreciative listeners.  100% of the donations go to the artists.For reservations, contact Thomas at SycamoreCreekConcerts@gmail.com. $20 suggested donation. 7 pm. 

2/11 – Stallion Springs House Concerts – Fischer, TX. By invitation only. With the great Tom Faulkner. $20 suggested donation.

2/17 – Concerts at Our House – Seattle, WA. w/Ara Lee. Ara Lee and Beth Wood duo show! Please email email house.concerts@comcast.net for info. $25 suggested donation. Doors at 7, Music at 8.

2/18 – Olympia House Concerts – Olympia, WA. w/ Ara Lee. Ara Lee & Beth Wood bring their harmonies to Olympia Acoustic Concerts! 3:30 gathering/4 pm music.  

Here’s our coffee-feuled performance at KGNU in Boulder…thanks, Indra for the great conversation!

a little peek behind the stage at the Denver Women’s March!

Game on, nasties!

OHMYGOSH y’all, Freddy & Francine sang on my new album this week, woop! 

ohmygosh we had so much fun singing together at Tsunami Books! i’m planning on becoming the third member of their duo very soon and they’re cool with it. 🙂

and this is me pushing the launch button for my Kickstarter. Yep, I’ll admit it’s kinda scary putting it all out there, but it’s even scarier to imagine not making this album. 🙂

4. THE FUTURE… I am SO excited for what this year will bring! I’m excited for all of the support you guys have shown me, and I’m thrilled that I will get to share some new music with you soon. Also poetry book #2 is being printed right now! After some careful proofreading, it will be ready to share with the world! 

Thank you so much for stepping up and supporting my Kickstarter campaign, for telling your friends, for coming to shows, for hosting concerts. I couldn’t do this without you and I am SO grateful. Hope to see you out there on the road! With much gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

PO Box 10141

Portland, OR 97296


Holler at me: bethwoodmusic [AT] hotmail.com

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Mar 3 – Anchor Coffeehouse – Des Moines, IA

Mar 4 – Aurora Chorus Concert for International Womens Day – Portland, OR w/Ara lee

Mar 9 – Private Event – Waupaca, WI

Mar 10 – Bluff View House Concerts – Holmen, WI

Mar 12 – Harmony for Mayo – Rochester, MN

Mar 17 – Artichoke Music – Portland, OR w/Tom Faulkner

Mar 18 – Songwriter Series House Concerts – Bend, OR w/Tom Faulkner

Mar 23 – Northwind Arts Center – Port Townsend, WA

Mar 24 – Singing Workshop @ Dusty Strings – Seattle, WA

Mar 31 – Peninsula Arts Center – Long Beach, WA

Apr 19 & 20 – Songsmith School – Brevard, NC

Apr 21 – Songsmith Gathering – Brevard, NC

Apr 27 – Sundilla Acoustic Concerts – Auburn, AL

May 3 – RadioLive – Pensacola, FL

May 4 – Calmes House Concerts – Baton Rouge, LA