December news is here…who brought the eggnog?

Hello, December…

Sunday, Dec 1, 2019


where’s the egg nog?

 (thank you to Norm Eder for the aweosme pics from Phenomenal Woman in Portland!)

Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!

I’m staring out the window of my new home at a snowy, peaceful scene. So much to be grateful for! I hope you had a wonderful, easeful Thanksgiving holiday. Hard to believe December is here! I only have a few events left to round the year out, but they will all be wonderful. Here’s what’s coming up…

Fri, Dec 6 – The Nature of Gratitude @ Opal Center for Arts & Education – Cottage Grove, OR. 513 E Main St. The Nature of Gratitude, an annual community gathering exploring diverse aspects of gratitude through live music, spoken word, photography and more. This year’s theme of exploration is “Returning.” Each gathering is an opportunity to raise awareness and proceeds for a different local grassroots cause. the event will include live music from Grammy-nominated Native American flute master Gentle Thunder, accomplished songwriter and Oregon Book Award-winning poet Beth Wood, internationally renowned vocalist Halie Loren. Performance poets Jorah LaFleur, Charles Goodrich and Charles Mattoon will contribute spoken word pieces. Other contributors include Tom Titus, author of Palindrome: Grateful Reflections from the Home Ground; Eric Alan, photographer and author of Wild Grace: Nature as a Spiritual Path, and the forthcoming Grateful by Nature; and Michele Rose and Fyona Rose from the Opal Center Trashion Show. 

Sat, Dec 7 – Open Door Songwriter Series at the Historic Ascension Episcopal Chapel‏ – Portland, OR. 1823 SW Spring St. This family-friendly event begins at 5:30 pm with a potluck dinner and continues with a performance in Ascension Chapel’s Reinhart Hall. Bring a dish and a beverage to share. (Make that a pot of chili and we’ll have a chili cook-off!) RSVP requested. Email your RSVP to Bob at Potluck dinner at 5:30 pm/Music at 6:30 pm. All ages welcome. $15 suggested donation per person at the door.

 Thu, Dec 12 – Nature of Gratitude @ The Arts Center – Corvallis, OR. 700 SW Madison Ave. Hosted by the Spring Creek Project. We’re partnering again this autumn with local authors Eric Alan and Tom Titus to present The Nature of Gratitude, a unique program that brings us together as a community to explore and reflect on the many things for which we are grateful. Several presenters will share music, stories, poems, and photography. The event will include live music from Grammy-nominated Native American flute master Gentle Thunder, accomplished songwriter and Oregon Book Award-winning poet Beth Wood, and a special surprise musical guest. Performance poets Jorah LaFleur and Charles Goodrich will contribute spoken word pieces. Other contributors include Tom Titus, author of Palindrome: Grateful Reflections from the Home Ground; and Eric Alan, photographer and author of the forthcoming Grateful by Nature. Nature of Gratitude is free, and everyone is welcome. This year’s theme is “Returning,” and in line with the theme, we’ll be accepting donations to support Oregon State University’s new “Food for Thought” program, which recaptures quality food that might have otherwise been composted and repackages it for distribution to low-income, OSU students who are experiencing food insecurity.

Fri, Dec 13 – Eugene Caldera Songwriters Group Concert to Benefit Egan Warming Center @ Tsunami Books – Eugene, OR. 2585 Willamette St. Caldera Songwriters’ Circle 8th Annual Egan Warming Center Benefit. An evening of community, celebration and song to benefit Egan Warming Center, a program of St. Vincent de Paul. Requested donation $5-20. Also Donation of goods: clean, warm hats, gloves, blankets, coats, sweaters, pillows, socks and toiletries greatly appreciated. Line-up includes: BW, Still Thinking, Cross Current, Laura Golden, Carl Falsgraf, Do Mi Stauber, Wandering Thyme, Katie Sontag, Kathy Marshall, Paul Neville, Robert Boyce, Julia O’Reilly, Dave Taylor, Ron Selfridge, Rudolf Korv, Annie Heron, and Art Willey.

1. GRATITUDE…Thank you so much to all these fine folks for making November so dreamy: Bre Gregg and all the amazing artists in the Phenomenal Woman show, The Columbia Center for the Arts, Wayne Richards and Naomie Laviolette and all at Wayne’s World Coffeehouse, Alberta Rose Theatre, Jack and family, T and Chris and Gia and Misti and Renee and friends, Eric Alan and Tom Titus and the Nature of Gratitude Family, Artichoke Musi, Gentle Thunder, Kitty and Rob and friends!

2. THE NEWS…What an absolute blast we had with the Phenomenal Woman shows in Hood River and Portland! Big thanks to all who came out and supported those shows. It is such a fun concept and the good news is we are working on more venues and more dates for this collaboration show celebrating women songwriters! We are looking for performing arts centers within driving distance of Portland, so holler at me at if you know a place?

Speaking of collaborations, the Nature of Gratitude event at Artichoke Music was pure magic. It is such a soul-filling way to spend an evening in community and in celebration of nature and gratitude. This year’s theme is ‘Returning’ and the good news is that there are two more offerings coming up. We’re thrilled to be at the Opal Center for Arts and Education in Cottage Grove and The Arts Center in Corvallis. The abundance of talent and heart is overwhelming…flute master Gentle Thunder, Halie Loren, Performance poets Jorah LaFleur and Charles Goodrich, and authors Tom Titus and Eric Alan. Rumor has it Bailey Pants may even make a public appearance, woop!

And one of my favorite collaborations happens on Dec 13 in Eugene at our 8th annual Eugene Caldera Songwriters Group Concert to Benefit Egan Warming Center! Hard to believe we have been at it this long. Egan Warming Centers perform life-saving work in the Eugene/Springfield communities and we are delighted to raise money and warm things for this wonderful group of dedicated volunteers. I hope you’ll come celebrate friendship, song, and the season with us at Eugene’s favorite community living room, Tsunami Books! 

Aaaand, my last solo show of the year (and for a little while) is coming up in Portland on Dec 7 at the Open Door Songwriter series at Ascension Chapel. This is such a sweet venue and all ages are welcome. It’s  a potluck (chili cookoff!) and we get started early arond 5:30 so you can bring the family! I’m excited to return to this sweet space and community.

Here’s something fun! My friends Lisa and Loren Skyhorse, amazing leather artists and owners of Skyhorse Saddles in Durango, CO, have come out with this short video about their new work with a Stand and Sway song as the backdrop! It’s always an honor when someone chooses your song! 

skyhorse saddles -

3. RANDOM PICS… you know I can’t help it y’all.

oh man we had so much fun doing the Phenomenal Woman shows!

I had a blast getting to play piano in the band.

here is the whole crew! such an amazing band.

we had so much fun at Artichoke Music at the Nature of Gratitude event…we all left with hearts full of poetry, music, wonder and gratitude. 

such a lovely evening playing a house concert with the great Gentle Thunder!

and look who came with me to Paulina Springs book store open mic in Sisters?

Snow, whaaaaaat?!

4. THE FUTURE…I am wishing you the fullness of this holiday season without the stress we so often encounter along with it. May you remember you are loved and held and seen. You might fall behind on your list of things to do, you might be too tired to bake that pie. You might even feel empty this time of year. And you are still loved and held and seen. May we all remember the outrageous gift of each new day, each new year! 

As this year closes out, I look forward to turning inward, to set my intentions on writing and searching and seeking and cultivating the patience to watch what will unfold in the coming year. Wishing you all a joyful holiday season. I am, as always, ever grateful for you. Your fan, 

Beth Wood

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Jan 16 – Granite Folk Society w/David Stoddard – St Cloud, MN

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Jan 18 –  House Concert w/David Stoddard – Minneapolis, MN

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