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What day is this?

Tuesday Mar 31, 2020

icon March 87th?
Hello, friends – and greetings from a beautiful on-and-off snowy day in central Oregon. I want to send out another love blast to you from my heart. It has warmed and comforted me so much to hear from you, and to know that you are out there. Thank you to everyone who has reached out from far and wide! It has never felt more meaningful to connect than it does right now, and I am finding much gratitude in that.

Tomorrow is moving day, and I am so excited to move in to my new place in Sisters. This dream has been percolating for a while, and I am grateful for the opportunity to nest in a place that resonates with my spirit. It feels surreal to move during this time, but onward we must go.

Speaking of onward, now is the time to get creative as we adjust to our changing world. So in that spirit I have some big news…I am launching something new and I would like to invite you to join me! Today I am starting a Patreon community, which is like a subscription to my music/poetry/creative output! I made a video about it here…

an invitation to try something new with me

and you can read more about it on my Patreon page here. If you are moved by my music and you value my work in the world, this is a great way to support what I do and keep it going! This community will be where I share new work, host live online concerts and discussions exclusive to the community, and it’s the best way to stay up to date with the music and poetry I make! I will still create albums and books to share with the world, but I will share works to the Patreon community that may never be released to the world. And I am excited to get your input and feedback as I share works in progress!

Patreon is a monthly subscription service, and you can choose what level at which you are comfortable contributing. Everyone who joins will get access to all the same stuff no matter what level you choose. And for some levels I’ll make you something extra and personal to you! Some of you have been reaching out asking how you can help during this uncertain time. Patreon is a great way!

This is something new for me and I’m know I’m going out on a limb here. But it’s time to adapt and change to a world where touring is not an option and CD sales have evaporated, and I still feel called to make music and poetry and share it in a meaningful exchange. If you have any questions, please let me know? And one more thing, you can change your subscription amount or cancel at any time. So…wanna try something new with me?

I had so much fun playing my first live streaming concert the other night! Connor Garvey put together a live streaming event called Cover Your Friends where we all played songs written by our friends. It is still up on my Facebook music page if you want to take a listen. Just go to the Videos section and click on the one with the yellow shirt. I loved seeing everyone’s name scroll by as I was singing my friends’ songs!

I’ve got another live streaming concert coming up on Sunday, April 12 at 11 am Pacific as part of Shut In and Sing: An Easter Celebration! Featuring Vance Gilbert, Susan Werner, Lenesha Randolph, The McCrary Sisters, and lol ol me! I will play at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern. You must buy a ticket to access this event. Entry fee is Pay-What-You-Can! PLEASE NOTE: Because there are 5 acts that day, and because of the alphabet, my name does not show up in the title for this event, but trust me, I’m playing! I PROMISE. (If you’re not sure where to go, simply go to www.stageit.com and do a search for my name.)

And I’m exicted to do my own live streaming concert of BW songs soon…song requests are welcome! Stay tuned for the when and where…gotta move all these boxes first…I will keep you updated by newsy newsletter and on FB and Instagram.

Until next time, I’ll leave a poem for you at the end. May we all stay well and safe and may we stay connected and nourished in this strange time. Thanks for reading and for checking in.

With much love and gratitude from your fan,

Beth Wood

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