Cool Troubadour, TX video of “The House That Made Me”

So I was in the little cabin at Blue Rock the night before getting ready to sing final vocals when I noticed something on facebook…one of my friends had mentioned how much she liked Miranda Lambert’s song called “The House That Built Me”.  As soon as I read that my heart sank.  WHAT?!?!  How could it be that we both had the same idea for a song? 

I listened and was moved…her voice, the melody, that song.  Dammit!

After much floor pacing and hair pulling, Billy asked if I was ready to give up on the song because of that and I said no.  I’m glad we stuck with it.  And just like my hometown, these songs are somehow different, somehow the same. These are the memories that came flooding out when I stood in front of my childhood home in Lubbock, TX…