BW’s poetry in the new Blue Rock Review!

OK this is awesome.  I have been a closet poet for most of my life.  I’ve been so grateful for recent encouragement in that department from my friends Jim Chastain and Nathan Brown, both bad-ass poets with hearts of gold.   This year I submitted my series of  poems called “Water Poems” for publication in the Blue Rock Review, Vol. 7, Water.  I’m so delighted to be included in this wonderful work!

The Blue Rock Review is a literary journal put out by our friends Billy & Dodee Crockett and The Blue Rock Foundation.  The folks at the BRR choose a theme, then call on writers, painters, poets, sculptors, songwriters, photographers to respond with text and images. In their  juried selection process, the work is read, viewed, and discussed, and the most compelling pieces become a part of the new release.  Here’s a little bit about this year’s edition…  if you are interested, you can order your own copy here!

The Blue Rock Review, Volume 7, WATER

Water and stories go together.

In the seventh year of the Review, we went looking for water—to wash, to swim, to float, to drink, to sink and splash in it. Our hope was to find stories and images to name the currents within us. Because water is never only water. Like a dream, it calls from the other side, becoming metaphor and symbol—which means it wants desperately to say something about life and death, and all the imponderables, which must be pondered. Hey, what’s the first word in “ponder?”

FEATURED ARTISTS: Guy Laliberté (founder of Cirque du Soleil), Jimmy Webb, Julie Speed, Mary Gauthier, Bill Wittliff, Sam Baker, Stephen Harrigan, Danny Schmidt, Sarah Cortez, Alan Birkelbach, Sarah Webb, Billy Hollis, Doug Jaques, Beth Wood, Karla K. Morton, Neil Ellis Orts, Robert Ashker Kraft, David Berkeley, Jamie Barnard, Phil Busse, Rodney Bursiel, Carrie Elkin, Abigail Keegan, Sou Vai Keng, Denny McCoy, Bob Phillips, Steven Schroeder.

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