BW’s poetry book is here!!





Well the big news is that my poetry book is here! Titled “Kazoo Symphonies”, it is a dream come true for me. BIG THANK YOUs to Mescalita Press and Nathan & Ashley Brown for making this possible, to Chris Everett for the beautiful graphic design, to Bill S for helping to make it possbile, to Bob and Ann for feedback, and to everyone who helped with proof-reading.


I have been a poet most of my life, even before I was a songwriter. For me there is a freedom in poetry that is not present with songs. Economy of words is paramount. It’s a perfect little puzzle to try and tell a story in just a few lines, and I LOVE it!! I hope you will love it, too.

I will begin weaving a few poems in to my live shows. My friends and mentors Nathan Brown, Jim Chastain, and Tom Kimmel have taught me about the magic of weaving music and poetry together. If you haven’t connected with poetry before, I hope you’ll think of it like story-telling and give it a chance!

Many folks have been asking how they can buy a book. The best ways are to come to a live show and buy one from me, or to order here through Paypal ($15 plus $2.50 for shipping). Be sure to include your address for shipping!