A voice and songs this strong are bound to persevere.”
—Dallas Morning News

“Beth Wood tends to write songs that are instantly recognizable, and not in the way one might think. Rather than depending on a particular earworm or hook to pull listeners in, Wood’s work is primarily geared to tell stories through her music, all of which bear a warm air of familiarity whether they’re reflective of the past, grounded in the present, or looking towards the future. Straight-shooting is a trick of modern folk and country that seems to have withered with time as more contemporary artists veer towards pop, but Wood manages to capture the essence of a Dolly Parton or Guy Clark with relative ease.”

“A superb singer/songwriter whose versatility discourages labeling.”
— Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Beth Wood is a musical triple-threat — a thoughtful songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist with a supple, soulful voice.”
— Washington Post

“Beth’s ability to bring soul and sensitivity and vocal beauty to her songs is downright amazing, and you can tell that she is a first-rate vocal technician who knows how to feel something so much and marry it with her skill and intention to bring about a work of art. You think you’re listening to a mix of Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Ricky Lee Jones or Whitney Houston.”

“Wood is about as good as it gets if you appreciate the singer/songwriter genre.”
–- Charlotte Creative Loafing

“…a genuine artist with a remarkable voice determined to make meaningful and lasting art.”
–Lone Star Music Magazine

“A woman with the heart of songcraft in her blood and the exceptional musicianship to back it up.”
—The Corvallis Advocate

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