Beth Wood - Late NIght Radio album coverLNR features full-band production and was produced by Don McCollister (Indigo Girls, Sister Hazel) in Atlanta. This is an eclectic mix of rock, blues, folk, and soulful singing. It is a continuation of “New Blood”’s full-spectrum swing from acoustic to full-out rockin’. Beth is proud of this effort, and she considers it her musical declaration of independence. This is Marty’s favorite, he likes it when she rocks out.

Uncover you

Tuning – DACGAD

I always loved you from all sides and around
Down from the sky and up from the ground
You wear my love like a second skin
And I will uncover you again

When you go to that place where you always seem to go
Somewhere between nervousness and tremolo
I’m  gonna wrap you up in your second skin
And I will uncover you again

My eyes see double
That must mean trouble for where I been
Show me a sign, shine for me lover
And I will uncover you over and over again

I got my two hands and my muscle memory
So when you slide into bed next to me
I circumnavigate you in all of your skin
And I will uncover you again


Over here there ain’t no cut and dry
Over here it’s getting so hard to tell
Am I uncovering you again each time
Or am I uncovering myself?


My Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue'

Tuning – DADGCE

My Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”
Is sitting on a blue train thanks to you
In the backpack of some moon-faced girl
On her way to see the world

It’s just a tiny little piece of me you took with you
My Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”
You sold it on the corner for three dollars and some change
I never meant to give it away

My Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”
Got a life of its own
It’s on a journey that started with you
It’s seen places and faces that I’ve never known
It’s seen places and faces and cd cases that I’ve never known

He bought it used at the record store on your street
And he gave it to his girl for their anniversary
Ahe listened to it daily on her subway ride
But one day she left it behind

It was picked up by a student who was traveling alone
He mailed it to his sister when he got back home
He said it was a sign of the good things to be
For her journey across the sea


Her face shone like the moon
As she drifted away to that beautiful tune
On that train she felt so free
And that’s how it came to be

That my Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”
Is sitting on a blue train thanks to you
In the backpack of some moon-faced girl
On her way to see the world

I guess your final act didn’t cause me much pain
cause it found a good home with that girl on the train
you know I never wished nothing but love for you
And my Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”

Late Night Radio

Tuning – DADGBD

I get into the car, slam the driver’s door
Cause I won’t take this shit no more
Who do they think they are to talk to me like that
I’ll be in a better state in seconds flat

And there’s so many miles, so many miles to go
I thank god I’ve got my late night radio

If you add up all the things that have managed to allude me
You’d think I won some kind of reverse lottery
But I got this wind in my hair, got the moonlight on my face
Put some distance between me and this old place


I’ve got preachers and salesman and old crooners’ sorrow
I’ve got jazz that just would not sound right in the light
I’ve got low, soothing voices saying sunny skies tomorrow
Your best friend is on the console in the middle of the night

I think I’ll take that trip that I always meant to take
A little caffeine to help me stay awake
Driving through the night is so much easier to do
When someone is there waiting for you



Tuning – CGDGCD

Two mornings in one day
And somehow I’m  still tired
I gave my hands away
Loved my people through a wire

The middle of my night
Is the beginning of your day
You see your morning’s first light
As mine slowly slips away

This bottle of wine sure tastes fine
But it might as well be called time-travel
Cause yesterday, you know, is where I go
When I come unraveled

So I choose to keep you here
Just like you’ve always been
Unchanged by every year
Just like I knew you then

It’s not the greener grass
But the stain it leaves
So I’ll raise my glass
To the medicine of memory


Tonight I come unraveled
And I will lose this battle
But I will win the war
That’s what tomorrow is for


Tuning – CGCGAD

The day my baby came to town
I bolted all of my good furniture down
We all thought he looked so strange to us
That’s when we knew he’d be so dangerous

He’s so dirty and I’m so clean
He’s so dirty and I’m so clean
He’s black and blue and I’m so green
We’re just cold hard whiskey and grenadine

It’s such a strange mixture that we make
It makes each one of us easier to take
No one that I know understands
But he holds me so softly in his calloused hands


Grenadine, he says that I’m so damn sweet
He says I’m gonna rot out all of his natural teeth

I’ve seen the scars he wears on his skin
And I know the story behind each one of them
I wonder as he lays me sweetly down
How long before my baby leaves this town


The day my baby came to town
I bolted all of my good furniture down…


Tuning – Standard

You smile when the awkward question comes
Whatcha gonna do about it
The sharp, cold tinge of escape
Lingers in a cloud that is your breath

You say that something has got to give
Whatcha gonna do about it
The fact is the thought of giving anything
Scares you half to death

I say if her love locks you in a prison cell
Maybe you’re just guilty

Guilty, you’re as guilty as you can be
Guilty, now your conscience will set you free

Tou lose yourself in reruns and a drink
Whatcha gonna do about it
Maybe someday you’re gonna rise
Above this mess

You say it’s easier not to think
But you know you’re gonna think about it
Why don’t you just close your eyes
And feel things for yourself


Ghost of a Man

Tuning – EADGBD

Had I a lifetime at my fingertips
I’d lay it in your hands
Had I a life-line in my palm
I’d trace it in the sand
I shouldn’t even be here
But somehow I still am

I don’t make no plan
I’m a ghost of a man

I still have that bullet
That went clean through my chest
Some said I was the devil
Some said I was blessed
I don’t know about that
I’m just lucky I guess

I don’t make no plan

I’m a ghost of a man

Sometimes I levitate late at night
Stiff as a two-by-four and feather-light
When the angels come down for me I know
I won’t have far to go

My friends all ask me
About the ghost train and the light
I heard the engines turn
I saw the sky go white
Something with no name
Dragged me back into this life
I don’t make no plan
I’m a ghost of a man


Some folks waste their time
Not knowing what it’s worth
Most folks wish they had
More time here on this earth
Me, I know I got much
More than I deserved
I don’t make no plan
I’m a ghost of a man

Rusty Nail

Tuning – DAEF#AE

Turned around to walk away
Stepped on a rusty nail
Had a feeling I could not shake
A feeling of betrayal
You keep your soldiers in a line
Cross your T’s and dry your eyes
Turn around, face something real
Rusty nail is all you feel

I walk these streets at night
Black cat cross my path
Can’t seem to get this right
I never could do the math
They tell you one and one is two
But every one you know forgets you
Breakaway gonna set you free
Black cat is all you see

Ain’t no way a couple of bad signs
Gonna keep my heart in jail
I ain’t giving up one moment of my time
To a black cat and a rusty nail

I felt the sting of rust
Shook hands with a thief
Said goodbye to trust
Hello to unbelief
I watch the road now carefully
Cause I’m  driving this thing – it’s not driving me
Tomorrow come and I won’t bleed
One true step is all I need

Hero's Almanac

Tuning – Standard

They put you in the hero’s almanac
Next to Kennedy and Kerouac
Now in every city’s library stacks
You hang there like a ghost
And I know I can only blame myself
For pulling you down off the shelf
And putting you back up higher still
But I loved you the most

I put you so high up off the ground
Nowhere left for you to go but down
I close my eyes and I turn around
I see your face
You fall from grace

The day that you fell to the earth
I was there for what it’s worth
To catch you before you hit the dirt
Did you see me there in line
Cause you’re a stranger to gravity
At least it always seemed that way to me
But we see only what we want to see
The better part of the time


I threw my wishes on your star
But they will only go so far
Toward the human that you only are

If you need some time to acclimate
I understand, I’ll just wait
I was wondering if it might not be too late
To get my poster signed
Cause you’re still there in the hero’s almanac
Next to Kennedy and Kerouac
Just so you know I’d never turn my back on a hero of mine



1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Tuning – CGDGBD

By Richard Thompson