House Concerts

What is a house concert?

Beth Wood House Concert - Chairs set upA house concert is literally what it sounds like… a concert in someone’s home! House concerts are a unique, intimate musical experience, and this phenomenon is really catching on. House concerts create a wonderful opportunity for music fans to experience live performance in an intimate setting without the usual distractions. It’s a great way to see music if you aren’t into smoky bars or late nights. Beth often performs totally acoustic, without a sound system. Beth likes to play two sets with a break in between, giving her lots of time to visit with everyone.

Beth Wood at a house concertWhat do you need to host a house concert?

To have a successful house concert, you need…a living room, a group of least 20 people (but ideally as many as can fit comfortably into your living room!) who would attend and enjoy the music, a little time for preparation, and a sense of adventure helps, too!

The host(s) work to create a listening environment, usually in the living room. There is a suggested donation (think of it like an admission price), ranging from around $10-$20 per audience member, and all of the money collected goes to the artist. Some house concerts are also potlucks, with the host asking everyone to bring a snack to share.

Beth loves playing house concerts because the audiences are attentive, her lyrics get heard, and she gets to make personal connections with music lovin’ folks!

A great resource for house concerts is a website called Concerts in Your Home, started by my friend Fran Snyder. It has a wealth of information about hosting, and also lists house concert series and artists who play house concerts.

Interested in hosting Beth?

Please reach out to Renee at or 406-587-9318. She can answer your specific questions and give details about Beth’s needs. Thanks!


What people say…

“Everyone should experience a live performance by Beth Wood at least once.”  –Craig Huegel, Our Kind of Folks House Concerts

“Beth is a true professional. She has the WHOLE PACKAGE!! A beautiful and powerful voice, excellent guitar work, and every song was sung directly from her heart; with a great story before each. She works hard! She is also extremely friendly, gracious and down to earth. I guarantee you will not regret booking Beth!” — K. Thomas, Kimbo House Concerts

Beth put on an absolutely outstanding show.  Her vocal range and incredible talent on the guitar wowed our audience.  You will never go wrong booking Beth for a house concert.”  — M. Clark, Nebraska Outback Concerts

“Whether on a large stage or an intimate house concert, Beth Wood delivers on all counts.  With sparkling vocals, fantastic musicianship, terrific songwriting and a personal connection with her audience, Beth is definitely a don’t-miss artist” – Jimbo Lattimore, Memphis House Concerts