The World – 03/29/20 – Cover Your Friends Facebook Live Concert – Details

Sunday, March 29, 2020
4:00pm -
The World
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NOTE: BW plays at 7:40 pm Pacific Time (10:40 pm Eastern)

What better time to sing the songs of our friends! In this chapter of inward time spending and outward connecting we’re bringing to you live a unique Cover Your Friends Progressive Facebook Party! Whether you feel compelled to Socially Distance or reframe it as Distant Socializing you can enjoy the whole evening from the safety and comfort of you’re home! Here’s how it works:
One Artist performs a 20 minute set on their Facebook Page at a time. Each set will be 2-3 cover tunes of their friends and if time allows one original tune as well.

When you are at their “set” their Video Status will have information on who’s playing next and a link to their Facebook Page. Like the page you’re on if you do indeed like and consider contributing to that artist through their payment links or merch sales if you’d like.
At the end of the set travel over to the next person’s Facebook Page and enjoy the next 20 min set…and continue on as long as you’d like!

Visit the Cover Your Friends Facebook Page between 6-7pmEST on Sunday 3-29 for the kickoff, instructions, updates, etc. and refer back at any point you need to be reminded of the lineup and where to go when.

Enjoy and celebrate one another…that’s the whole theme of this thing!
Lineup as it stands right now is subject to change so check back day of:

7:00 – John Elliott
7:20 – Brad Yoder
7:40 – Jeff Christmas
8:00 – Jacob McCurdy
8:20 – Nels Blanchette
8:40 – Caroline Cotter
9:00 – Jed Bresette
9:20 – Megan Burtt
9:40 – Heather Styka
10:00 – Connor Garvey
10:20 – John Hermanson
10:40 – Beth Wood
11:00 – RJ Cowdery
11:20 – Justin Roth
11:40 – Steven Bacon

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