Long Beach, WA – 03/31/19 – Stand and Sway Workshop – Details

Sunday, March 31, 2019
12:00pm -
Peninsula Arts Center
504 Pacific Avenue North
Long Beach, WA
Other Info
Stand and Sway leads a workshop called OPEN SONG – Play More. A singing, songwriting, group shenanigans workshop for everyone.
THINGS WE’LL DO: Write group poetry. Make up songs. Do some creative unlocking. Sit still. Sing, like nobody’s listening. OK we’ll be listening, but we’ll be doing it together. Off key, on key, loudly, softly, together, and solo if you feel ready. We’ll do it in a non-religious, non-performance, non-take yourself too seriously environment. Because singing is the most fun and if you can talk, you can sing. We promise.
Noon-4 pm.

See http://peninsulaartscenter.org/ for details.

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