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Hello there, I’m Beth Wood – modern-day troubadour and believer in the power of song. I’ve been writing, performing, recording and touring for most of my life. These adventures have resulted in thousands of live shows, boatloads of wonderful memories and collaborations, and countless weird situations that all add up to my life as a full time musician.  I’ve released ten solo CD’s and one collaboration project.

Here you will find the latest news, tour dates, my music, lyrics, poems, and various ramblings. If you feel like you just can’t get enough, I hope you’ll sign up for my monthly email newsy newsletter.  Most of all, I hope what you find here is useful to you in some way. It is my highest purpose to invite you to joy, the same joy I feel when I am singing. Happy reading and happy listening, y’all!


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A superb singer/songwriter whose versatility discourages labeling.” — Fort Worth Star-Telegram”

“A woman with the heart of songcraft in her blood and the exceptional musicianship to back it up.” — The Corvallis Advocate

“Beth Wood is a musical triple-threat — a thoughtful songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist with a supple, soulful voice.” — Washington Post