• Speak to Me, Vol 9 is here!!

    This year is the 25th anniversary of Peter Gabriel’s influential album “So”.  I can’t believe it was 25 years ago that I blared “In Your Eyes” through my car stereo, dove into Anne Sexton’s poetry because of “Mercy Street”, and simultaneously tapped my feet and crinkled my forehead in wonder at the strangeness of “Excellent [...]

  • Check out the funny feet video my buddy Dennis McGregor made!

    Everybody’s always asking me why I play barefoot.  The easy answer is that I can’t help it!   My buddy Dennis took this footage when I wasn’t looking… he calls it Wish I Was Your Shoes.  :)

  • Speak to Me, Vol 8 is here!

    Speak to Me, Vol 8 was nothing short of epic!!  I chose Paul McCartney’s “Let It Be” for the grand finale at the Sisters Folk Festival Community Celebration…It was absolutely magical to share the stage with all those fine folks! I chose this song for the simple reason that it has been speaking to me [...]

  • New BW promo video for Troubadour TX tv show!!

    Hey there, peeps — the excitement is building!!  Check out this new promo video for BW put together by the folks at the Troubadour TX tv show!  The show begins Sept 24 on the CW network, an BW is one of many singer-songwriters with Texas roots to be featured on the show! Watch the video [...]

  • Speak to Me, Volume 7 is here!

    For Speak to Me, Volume 7, I chose a well-known song — “Message in a Bottle” by Sting.   Sting, you are not alone in being alone.  :) I have always loved this song for the same reason that I love Paul Simon’s “Slip Slidin’ Away”:  the sad subtext of the song is hidden beneath a [...]

  • Speak To Me, Vol. 6 is here!

    “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead is a song that grows on me with each deeper listening. Why does it speak to me? Firstly, I love the melody. Secondly, it’s got plenty of vocal yumminess. Any opportunity to flip from head voice into falsetto is golden if you ask me, and it’s an especially powerful move [...]

  • Speak To Me, Volume 5

    Speak To Me, Volume 5 is here!  I had the privilege of playing with Shireen Amini and Jason Jackson at Harmony House in Sisters, OR.  I thought it would be fun to get them in on my shenanigans.    Volume 5 is Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”. The idea to sing this song [...]

  • Beth is interviewed by Catherine Garvin of the Portland Examiner

    Check out this backyard interview with BW before her Doverlaff House Concert in Portland!  You can’t even tell her toes are freezing!

  • Check out the Blue Rock BW Montage Video

    The good folks at Blue Rock Studio strike again!  Here’s a cool montage video featuring live footage of “Church of Melody”, “Funeral Day”, and “Little Hands”…

  • Blue Rock Video for “The Weather Inside”

    Check out this cool video, y’all!   The folks at Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley, TX know how to do things right.  They created this awesome video from interview and concert footage…love it! Concert footage features Billy Crockett on mandolin and guitar, Gentle Thunder on Native American flute, Roger Friend on percussion and Drew Womack on [...]

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