• July’s Newsy Newsletter is here!

    Wow, things are really heating up! Monday Jun 30, 2014 July, I welcome your sweaty awesomeness, but not your mosquitos. Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers! What a fabulous time this is! Summer is in full swing, the veggies are exploding in the back yard, the new CD is blooming, and fun things just keep [...]

  • New awesome BW T-shirts are here!

    I’m so excited, y’all!  The new BW T-shirts are here!! Thanks to Marty Ochs and Danny Cowley for the design!  We’ve got womens S, M, L & XL (the run a tad bit small, ladies…I would probably get a L or a M) and mens sizes M, L, XL, XXL. Thanks to my fabulous model Ocea!!  [...]

  • Hey it’s my June Newsletter Y’all and a Big Announcement!!

    Holy cannoli, June is here, and so is my new CD!  Thursday, May 29, 2014 and so is my new CD!!!! Greetings friends and fellow music lovers!! Well I can hardly believe it but June is here. This is a very special time for many reasons. At the top of that list is the arrival [...]

  • New CD is here!! Song-of-the-Month Club Members get first dibs!

    Whaaaaaaaat?!?!  I can’t believe the new CD is finally here!!  Special thanks to my Song Sponsors and Song-of-the-Month Club members for getting this thing off the ground!! Song Sponsors and Song Club members who joined at $15 and over, your CDs are in the mail and on their way to you!!! (If you haven’t yet [...]

  • May is gonna be awesome, and here’s why…

    Hello, May. We’re gonna have a blast together!   Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!  I am so excited about what’s coming up.  I’ve been in Texas for a week now and I’m already saying “fixin’ to” all the time.  :)  Had some really fun times and there are many more to come! Here’s what’s [...]

  • Guess what, Texas – I’m headed your way!

    Dear Texas, Thursday Apr 17, 2014 oh how i have missed you! Hello there, Texan friends!! Here’s a tiny little burst of news for your Thursday inbox.  I have a Texas tour coming up, and I’m so psyched I can barely stand it!  I’ll be doing a mix of public and private shows…really looking forward to [...]

  • BW’s April Newsy Newsletter…

    Dear April, Monday Mar 31, 2014 Thank you for being awesome. Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers!  And a very happy spring to you. This time of year is so hopeful, so full of possibility…what a gift! April is so full of awesome that it can barely contain it all.  Here’s what ‘s coming up… [...]

  • March is here and I’m stoked!!

    Hello, March. It’s so good to see you! Thursday Mar 6, 2014 Less lion, more lamb please. Rawkin’ out at KPOV in Bend! Greetings, friends and fellow music-lovers, and a very warm welcome to you new mailing list peeps!  It’s been a crazy winter, but thank goodness spring is on the way. What a wonderful time [...]

  • Kansas City Folk Alliance, here I come!!

    Folk Alliance is a giant gathering/conference of folks who are involved in “folk” music, whatever that is.  :)  There’s lots of connections made at the conference…which is my favorite part.  It also gives people the opportunity to play music for each other, mostly in hotel rooms.  This is very helpful for music presenters as many [...]

  • February, I admire you.

    You never wear out your welcome.   Monday Feb 3, 2014   Greetings, friends and fellow music lovers! Well, here we are already into February.  January was a blur, but in a really good way.  I feel very blessed that I got to play some music, but also take some time with Marty to travel.  Thanks [...]

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