Beth Wood Street Team

There are many ways to be a Beth-Head!!  It begins when you connect with the music and feel inspired to do something.  Beth-Heads use their creative ingenuity, communication skills, enthusiasm, and artistic flare along with their contacts in the community, media, and music business to maximize exposure for Beth Wood!  There is a lot of foot-work to be done by a Beth-Head and while we do not want to abuse your willingness to help, we are an independent outfit void of “big label” marketing money.  You are our PR, Advertising, and Marketing department and we really appreciate all that you do.  Here’s how you can get involved…

SOCIAL MEDIA – You have the power to spread the word about shows and BW’s music!!  Word of mouth is a powerful way for people discover new music, so telling all your friends in a sincere way can widen the circle in a few easy clicks.  (like button, share button)

LOCAL SHOW PROMOTION – You can help promote BW shows in your area.  If you’re up for a little leg work, hanging posters is a great way to get the word out about a show.  (Download Poster)  Another way to spread the word is to submit the show to local entertainment listings (newspapers, local websites, radio stations).  Let us know if you’re interested in helping out and we will direct you based on need in the area.  We can put you on the guest list as a trade.  This will be an electronic handshake deal made on trust!

Don’t forget, you can promote shows that are not local to you but are local to someone else by spreading the word via email/Facebook/Twitter!

RADIO PROMOTION – Ever wonder why you don’t hear your favorite music on the radio?  Commercial radio is a tricky game that is out of reach for most of the little guys; however, there is good news.  Radio stations listen to their customers.   Call your favorite station and request BW!  Of course, you’ll need to make sure it is an appropriate fit, and then dial away!  If you’re really feeling brave, ask for the program director and tell him/her why you dig BW’s music.  If your local station is already playing BW’s music, call and request your favorite song!!  Stations will keep playing songs as long as their customers demand it.

SELL MERCHANDISE AT SHOWS – Often times at live shows, a person helping BW sell merch is very helpful.  If you’re going to the show anyway and you’d like to help, this is a great way!   You’ll need to keep track of things, smile a lot, and be ready during intermission and after the show.  If you’re interested in helping out, please let us know at .  If this is something that is needed for the show, we’ll put you on the guest list.


EMAIL YOUR REQUESTS – BW loves your requests!!  If you’re too shy to shout it out at a show, feel free to send it by email to! chip satisi turbanli porno izle